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Euro-Colombian juice brand builds UK base

By Ben Bouckley , 15-Dec-2011
Last updated on 15-Dec-2011 at 15:16 GMT2011-12-15T15:16:33Z

Euro-Colombian juice brand builds UK base

Innovative Euro-Colombian juice brand Juna has told it is expanding fairly rapidly in London after launching in October, having just secured new listings at Selfridges and sandwich shop chain Birleys.

The startup is targeting retail and food service sectors, and aims to deliver a "genuinely unique taste experience appealing to the more cosmopolitan, health-conscious and adventurous UK consumer".

According to the company, the juice used in its drinks offers "intrinsic health benefits with high vitamin, protein and fibre content", and flavours include lulo, guanàbana, mora and mango.

"Juna is about going for the new, the exciting, the exotic – satisfying the human need for variety and discovery," said Juna co-founder, Christian Kaufholz. "We want to break away from the same old tones of apple, orange or banana, which form the basis of close to all fruit drinks which dominate the shelves today. Juna offers UK consumers something totally new."

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