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Coke Super Bowl ad 'not racist': readers

By Ben Bouckley+

Last updated on 05-Feb-2013 at 13:41 GMT

A still from Coke's controversial 2013 Super Bowl ad (Picture Copyright: The Coca-Cola Company)

A still from Coke's controversial 2013 Super Bowl ad (Picture Copyright: The Coca-Cola Company)

Despite Coke's 2013 Super Bowl ad drawing criticism from some Arab-American groups who claimed that it furthered racist stereotypes, a clear majority of readers disagree, although one critic attacked it more broadly, saying it 'smacks of lazy advertizing'.

Asked the question, 'Do you believe that Coke's 2013 Super Bowl advert perpetuates a racist Arab stereotype?', 74% of readers (71 out of the 96 who answered the polling question) said 'No'.

22.9% (22) said they did believe the advert - which shows an Arab leading a camel over the desert; you can view it here embedded within last Thursday's article - furthered such a stereotype, while 3.1% (3) were undecided.

Tired stereotypes...smacks of lazy advertizing: Scott-Thomas

Emma Hyatt posted a comment on our original article, which read: "There were a lot of stereotypes portrayed in that ad, none of which were offensive. They're funny. No one won or lost that race, the camel caught up in the end."

But my colleague Caroline Scott-Thomas, editor of, believes the original critics missed a broader point. "It plays on a whole bunch of stereotypes - the 'cowboy code', the don't-play-by-the-rules badlanders, and the glamour girls. Milking tired stereotypes smacks of lazy advertising to me," she said.

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