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Bitter Bastards! hit cocktail space with centrifugal force

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By Ben Bouckley+

Last updated on 15-May-2014 at 15:58 GMT2014-05-15T15:58:44Z

Bitter Bastards! Clearly not positioned with your aunt in mind...
Bitter Bastards! Clearly not positioned with your aunt in mind...

Maverick Drinks insists that Bitter Bastards cocktail bitters break new ground via clarification using a centrifuge machine that subjects them to a force 5,000 times that of the Earth’s gravity.

The UK distributor for the cocktail bitters brand says such products are usually made by soaking ingredients in spirit for several weeks before bottling.

Angostura Bitters, for instance, are made in Port of Spain, Trinidad, by crushing herbs then infusing them in 97% alcohol to extract their flavour – brown sugar and caramel color is then added, then distilled water to create a 44.7% ABV product for bottling.

Bitter Bastards! – clearly the brand seeks to gain traction with a receptive Millennial cocktail audience – macerates botanicals in a base spirit for only a few minutes, with the spirit then clarified using a centrifuge.

The Bitter Bastards! range features 25 single-botanical bitters priced at £9.95 ($16.65) including Black Pepper Bitters (75% ABV for a 5cl bottle), Naga Chilli (49.5% ABV) and Sweet Orange (49.5% ABV).

 “The machine applies a force equivalent to roughly 5,000g to the liquid, clarifying it beautifully while retaining the essential oils,” Maverick Drinks says, claiming that it leaves bitters with a vibrant, fresh flavor profile.

Use of a centrifuge cuts out the need for chemical fining agents or filtration for clarification.

The range will go on sale from May 15 at online spirits merchant Master of Malt and other retailers.

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But what about oil/water/extraction/decay/durate factor?

But what about oil/water/extraction/decay/durate factor? Foods accelerate decomposition under added stress weight. That is the opposite, "Yes", the opposite effect. It does not last longer, it does not compress it, compression destroys it. EG: Boil water until you have a pot of Mercury overflowing at only 94 degrees Centigrade, and not at 92 or 97, then it's just boiling water in the 80s and 100s.

For example:
Smoke 1 ounce of weed.
Try smoking less than an ounce of hash and saying you're just as high.

Elevation, literally with an altimeter has the opening effect of reduced gravity - eliminating the NEED for centrifuged extraction and compression to be able to interact with a biochemically altered substance. Take it to the oil ocean! See how the oil is staying apart? Right, under oil it does NOT stay together, NO MATTER how long it is centrifuged, and under water it will occur twice as quickly use household oil, oil water weight compression under ice and utilizing boiling oil to freeze ice into glass domes 20 centimeters in circumference is ONLY attainable at a certain elevation. Under CRITICAL magnetic differentials, there is a light possibility it may be incorrect after it works and is refined at a faster and more efficient rate that is safer than compression theories and literally, opens Paradise among the living, a perfect world Heavenly while we fly.

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Posted by Michael James Webb
20 May 2014 | 07h312014-05-20T07:31:16Z

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