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What’s hitting the shelves? Coffee brewed in maple water, acai juice with chia, and alcoholic root beer

From new cold-pressed juices in the US to the alcoholic root beer category in Australia, we take a look at some of the new products reaching beverage aisles across the...

UK wine and spirits companies back EU membership

The UK’s Prime Minister says that jobs and investment in the wine and spirits industry could be at risk if the UK leaves the EU. Meanwhile, the Wine and Spirits...

Craft beer keeps growing: US craft brewers report 13% rise in volume in 2015

Small and independent craft brewers now account for a 12% market share of the US beer industry by volume, according to the Brewers Association.  

Grapefruit, habanero, pumpkin, chocolate: Mintel sees explosion in US flavored beer innovations

The proportion of new flavored beer product launches has grown from 15% of total US beer launches in 2010, to 27% of launches in 2015, according to data from Mintel. 

What is the beverage industry doing to cut calories?

From reformulation to nutritional labeling, the non-alcoholic beverage industry has adopted a variety of strategies to reduce the calorie content of drinks. We look at how different strategies from around...

What is emotional marketing and how can social media help you get it right?

Social media has transformed the way food manufacturers can engage in emotional marketing and foster brand love among consumers – but tread carefully because it also magnifies errors if you...

Crafting a definition: What does ‘craft’ mean to consumers?

Research from Mintel suggests that 30% of Brits who buy alcoholic drinks don’t understand what ‘craft’ means; while 59% believe it is important for the industry to define the term. 


Slurpees and Slushies gain in popularity as other soft drinks wilt

Frozen drinks such as Slurpee and Slushie have gained in recent popularity, placing them among the few cold beverages to have done so, market research suggests.

Looking to the future: What to watch in beer in 2016 - and beyond

What makes the beer sector an exciting one to watch in 2016? From flavored beers to new breweries, here are some areas with promising potential. 

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Mexican soda tax analysis: The figures just don’t back the hype

The success of the Mexican soda tax is fast becoming the stuff of public health myth and legend.

Record year for UK gin, with growth predicted to continue

The UK saw sales of gin hit over £900m ($1,284m) last year, while the Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) predicts growth will continue.

Reading the changes in Asia’s new coffee culture

Coffee culture in Asia has been brewing a storm and growing in popularity in recent years, with most major cities now being awash with coffee shops not just in city...

Premium and organic boost for global roast and ground coffee market: Technavio

The global roast and ground coffee market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.9% in 2016-2020, according to Technavio. 

Dispatches from Food Vision 2016

Start-ups are inventing the future & big business needs to partner now: Unilever Foundry creator

Start-ups are changing the food industry from trailblazing new ideas to providing new growth models, and both big businesses and small start-ups need to collaborate to innovate. The benefits are...

Join us today: Beer and Beyond online event

Join us today for Beer and Beyond, a free to attend online event dedicated to exploring the opportunities – and sizing up the challenges – for the beer industry. 

‘For something to taste good, it doesn’t need to be sweet!’ Ugly water eyes up new opportunities for unsweet beverages

The founders of Ugly, an unsweet, fruit infused sparkling water brand, believe consumer palates will become less focused on sweet in the coming years. This can open up opportunities for...


Soft drinks makers rail against Budget duty increase

India's INR140bn (US$2.8bn) soft drink industry has called on the government to reverse an increase in excise duty on beverages. 


Report: Coffee-in-a-can manufacturers should broaden ingredient base

India’s burgeoning ready-to-drink coffee market will be worth over US$480m by 2020 after seeing annual growth of 3.2% since 2015, according to a report by Mordor Intelligence. 

Taste, choice and trust: Pillars for success in soft drinks

Soft drinks companies need to ensure they are addressing three key issues for future industry success: taste, choice and trust, says Richard Hall, chairman, Zenith International.

The buzz about beer: What are the key trends for 2016 and beyond?

Innovations in the beer market are coming from all directions – but which ones will really thrive and drive the category forward? 

UK pledges tenfold increase in wine exports by 2020

The UK wine industry is pledging a tenfold increase in exports by 2020, along with plans to boost production and identify more land suitable for vineyards.

Product innovation boosts global sports and energy drinks market: Technavio

The global sports and energy drinks market is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 11% from 2015- 2019, according to research from Technavio. 

C&C Group partners with San Miguel to expand Magners distribution

C&C Group says it is boosting its international expansion with a strategic distribution agreement with San Miguel Marketing Thailand, which will strengthen sales and distribution of Magners cider in Thailand....

Women lead the way in Australian wine consumption

Long considered beer guzzlers, Australians are actually more partial to wine, due largely to the number of women who are partial to a glass of the grape.

California wine exports see record 2015

US wine exports (90% of which come from California) reached $1.61bn in winery revenues in 2015, up 7.6% from the year before.  Exports were boosted by demand for premium products.  

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