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World wines: Room for internationals to scoop market lead in 'attractive' German market

International wine makers should seriously consider Germany at a time when consumers are willing to pay more and discounters are premiumizing the segment, says Wine Intelligence.

Beverage bites: news up to 26 June, 2015

Anheuser-Busch's $1.5m US investment, Thatchers' craft ciders head to Glastonbury, and more beverage bites

Anheuser-Busch will invest $1.5bn in its US operation by 2018; Mexico’s soft drink tax has lead to reduced consumption and celebrity chef Jamie Oliver will implement his own soda tax.

China, India, Brazil and South East Asia in high spirits for liquor, says spiritsEUROPE

Growth for spirits lies in export markets such as China, India, Brazil and South East Asia as EU consumption slumps, says trade association spiritsEUROPE.

Meal replacement regulation should consider consumers not just science: SNE

Any new regulation on total meal replacements should consider consumer expectations of taste and cost, not just science, says trade group Specialised Nutrition Europe (SNE).

Drinkable yogurt, dairy-based smoothies could help counter declining consumption of fluid milk

Individually packaged drinkable yogurt and dairy-based smoothies are increasingly popular as more convenient and modern alternatives to fluid milk, the consumption of which has declined in recent years, according to...

The rise of festivals: A route to reach the millennial generation

Festivals offer a growing opportunity for the beverage industry to engage millennials, with nearly 50% of 18-34 year olds in the US attending five or more wine, beer or food...

Dispatches from Nespresso Coffee Conversation Symposium, Portugal

Coffee to concentrate, wine to unwind? Nespresso symposium looks at the similarities - and the differences

Coffee and wine are both complex drinks with strong followings among their respective connoisseurs, but wines tell a stronger tale - connecting better with consumers, say industry experts.

Energy drinks ride out tough economic times

Different flavours, artificial caffeine alternatives and a place in everyday life give energy drinks the staying power to survive the recession, says a Canadean report.

The diversity of Europe’s ‘colourful’ beer market could be the key to its success

The sheer diversity of Europe’s beer market is one of its biggest strengths: opening up the market to new consumers, and boosting export potential, according to The Brewers of Europe....

Serial consumption: Nutritionists promote cereal-based beverages in Nestlé-backed e-book

The Portuguese Association of Nutritionists (APN) and Nestlé joined forces this month to unveil a new e-book promoting the benefits of cereal-based beverages in Portugal.

How food industry can boost milk’s value: fortify it

Fortified milk could help to boost the value of milk sales, despite supermarket price war slashing the price of the white stuff to as little as 89p for a four...

Sales of energy shots slump as consumers reach for drinks instead

Sales of energy shots are slumping as their medicinal taste and less favorable position as a supplement drive consumers to reach for energy drinks, which many shoppers consider safer, according...

Comment - Special edition: Fizzing up carbonates

PepsiCo’s Stubborn Soda: Will beer gestures bubble trouble?

PepsiCo has announced the launch of Stubborn Soda , a line of craft soda beverages expected this summer. It's obviously very excited about craft – but are the soda’s beer gestures...

Beverage Bites: news up to June 12, 2015

‘Shattering’ Prosecco recall; PepsiCo scores with UEFA partnership; and more beverage bites

This week PepsiCo announced Gatorade and PepsiMax will lead its partnership with the UEFA Champions League, while Diageo shares rose on takeover rumours. Meanwhile, we can breathe easy that Prosecco...

Whisky exports would be damaged by ‘Brexit’

Scotland’s whisky exports would be badly hit should the UK vote for an exit in the government’s referendum on EU membership.

Cider’s star is rising – and it’s set to shine over the US, Australia, New Zealand & South Africa

Global consumption of cider is predicted to grow by around 5% a year, reaching more than 3bn litres by 2020, according to Canadean.

Special edition: fizzing up carbonates

The classic cola taste and other carbonates: How does the future size up?

Cola carbonates may hog the limelight, but non-cola carbonates could be the ones to watch, according to an Euromonitor International analyst. 

Special edition: Fizzing Up carbonates

The future’s fizzing: Carbonates have proved their resilience, says BSDA

The carbonates market appears to be full of doom and gloom: falling consumption in 2014 and a continued backlash against sugar. But with 3% growth in the UK for the...

Benecol enters China

Finnish food-agriculture giant Raisio has launched its cholesterol-lowering, plant stanol-based Benecol brand in China in a powder form via mostly medical channels in its big coastal cities.


Poor returns blamed on increased VAT after vending machine sales drop

Japan’s vending machine stockers have been seeing sluggish fortunes over the last year as overall sales dropped by 5% last year, down from 2013’s US$42.9bn.

Move over, alcohol! Tea and other beverages can take advantage of alcohol consumption decline

An alternative to alcohol comes from an unlikely source – tea – and the offer in the market is evolving accordingly, according to market researchers Mintel.


Consumers want milk ‘with benefits tailored to them’: Datamonitor

Dairies can recover market share lost to non-dairy alternatives, such as almond milk, by developing milk products tailored to the meet the nutritional needs of specific groups, says Datamonitor Consumer.

beverage bites: News up to June 5, 2015

Beer and baseball for Miller Lite; glass particles prompt wine recall; and more beverage bites

SABMiller’s American Light lager, Miller Lite, has signed a multi-year partnership with Major League Baseball (MLB) in Canada. Read on for more beverage bites from the industry this week. ...

Forget extreme sports – it’s about extreme parenting! Energy drinks may market to millennials but parents’ consumption is on the rise

The pressures of raising children, juggling work and home life, and other daily responsibilities mean older millennials are increasingly turning to energy drinks, according to a report from Mintel. 

Emerging markets drive global health & wellness growth (but one size does not fit all)

38 ‘developed’ nations delivered 54% of functional food and supplement and other health & wellness (HW) product sales in 2014, but these same nations will account for only 14% of growth between now and 2019.

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