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Death by food support

If the EU keeps hiding its agriculture sector behind huge pay cheques instead of devoting more time to food research funding, the bloc's whimpering and wailing will only get worse.

EU sugar reform: producers cautious, users frustrated

The EU is confident that the sugar reforms announced last week give producers a long-term competitive future, though firms such as Tate & Lyle remain cautious.

Crown to build beverage can plant in Kazakhstan

In a bid to follow the growth of the beverage market eastwards, Crown will build a new can production plant in Kazakhstan.

Wine industry gears up for Sitevi 2005

The team will this week be reporting from Sitevi 2005, one of the biggest expos for wine production equipment, technology and techniques.

Food industry gives sugar reform a cautious welcome

Sugar users in the UK have cautiously welcomed the Council of Ministers' agreement to lower European sugar prices, but have demanded a more competitive future marketplace.

EU, US wine deal surviving opposition

The EU and US have signed off the first stage of their wine agreement as France's agriculture minister tells annoyed winemakers the deal is not as strong as it could...

24 hour alcohol retailing hits the UK

Most off-trade retailers have chosen to opt out of the round the clock opening hours, in spite of the media hype surrounding 24 hour drinking.

Citrus production threatened, prices due to rise

The Florida citrus industry is struggling to recover from a string of disease and natural disaster, but with production forecasts down and likely to fall further, and with no carry-over...

Sugary drinks increase diabetes risk in fat Latino children, says study

Nearly a quarter of Latino children in the United States are overweight, with those who consume lots of sugar- especially in sugary drinks- running a higher risk of developing type...

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Time for Japan to act on agriculture

Strong rhetoric at last weekend's Apec summit on the abolition of agricultural subsidies could not drown out the scraping sound of Japanese heels.

Boel urges acceptance of EU sugar reform

EU commissioner Mariann Fischer Boel has urged the agricultural council to adopt bold sugar reform ahead of tomorrow's crucial meeting.

Decaffeinated coffee may raise heart disease risk

Drinking decaffeinated coffee may increase consumers' harmful LDL cholesterol more than normal coffee, and thin people are at a greater risk, suggests new US study.

Hops rich in anti-cancer compounds

New research into a flavonoid compound found only in hops shows that it may help prevent cancer if a method to improve its absorption in the body can be found.

UK prepares for controversial licensing law

A last-ditch attempt to thwart the UK's contentious new licensing laws has been battered down by the government as the issue reaches boiling point with only a few days to...

Alcoholic drinks linked to mouth cancer rise

Rising alcohol consumption in the UK is contributing to a sharp increase in mouth cancer cases, warns cancer charity, adding more pressure on firms to actively promote responsible drinking.

EU alcohol strategy may hit retailers

Alcohol retailers across Europe could be hit by European Commission plans to tighten controls surrounding the sale and marketing of alcohol products in a bid to tackle underage drinking.

French wine makers plan new protest

French wine makers are planning a new protest in Narbonne, the centre of violent scenes earlier this year, in answer to the continuing low prices on the market and poor...

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Food safety for all

After all the increased safety procedures put in place over the past decade, one might have been lulled into thinking that poisonings and deaths from food contamination would be rarer...

Broad support for sugar reform, claims Defra

The UK department for environment, food and rural affairs (Defra) claims that there is strong support for EU sugar reform, though opinion across Europe remains divided.

Fizzy colas may raise hypertension risk

Fizzy colas may increase consumers' risk of hypertension that can lead to strokes and heart disease, suggests a new medical study, raising new problems for stumbling fizzy drink sales.

Beer keg robbers cost brewers millions

The increasing theft of beer kegs is costing brewers millions of pounds every year, as industry bodies pledge tougher surveillance to halt the beer keg bandits.

Alco-pop drinks lose out to wine and cocktails

Alco-pops have lost the plot on the UK alcoholic drinks market and the sector will carry on sinking until producers come up with something new for Britain's youth, says a...

World's largest malting plant targets growing demand

Malteurop's new malting unit, considered to be the largest in the world, is designed to meet increasing demand for a highly nutritional ingredient.

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No avoiding sustainable sourcing

Food companies do not yet face the ethical sourcing equation of the clothing industry, where brands from Nike to Marks & Spencer cannot afford a single claim of sweat-shop production....

French AOC wine prices collapsing

Prices for quality French wines have continued to crumble in recent months as the gap closes between them and their less regulated counterparts, leaving ominous signs for the future of...

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