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News briefs: Kraft coffee, Molson Coors and celebrity wines

This week, Kraft Foods increases the prices for its coffee brands, Molson Coors plots global expansion and celebrity booze is all the rage.

Alcohol may raise blood pressure more than thought

Alcohol intake may increase blood pressure to a much greater extent than previously thought, researchers from the University of Bristol report.

Doehler citrus innovation buoyed by Brazilian investment

Doehler is stepping up its presence within both the sourcing and processing of citrus fruits via a Brazilian investment designed to meet changing needs of beverage manufacturers.

Nestle report focuses on corporate responsibility

A new report, released yesterday by Nestle, outlines the steps the company claims to have taken to make a positive social and environmental impact.

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The great food price smash-and-grab

While the world's media is bemoaning rising food prices, the French government is sniffing around the food industry for signs of gleeful profiteering. If it is right, the long-term losses...

Drinks brands sued over alcohol/stimulant mix

Two of the biggest drinks groups in the US are being sued over drinks which, it is alleged, contain ingredients that could be unsafe.

EU spirits group lambaste Hong Kong duty cuts

The European spirits industry has slammed the Hong Kong government's decision to omit liquor from a recently announced exemption of duties on imported alcohol products.

Healthy growth predicted for omega-3 beverage market

Sales of omega-3 enriched beverages are expected to maintain strong growth in the next few years from their position as a relative niche sector, according to a new report.

Brewers aiming smaller in US craft beer drive

Seemingly small beer brands are becoming increasingly big business in the US, as a growing number of major brewers move to enter or consolidate their positions in the craft brewing...

FSA opens contact material deadline talks

The UK's Food Standards Agency (FSA) has begun consultation with food and beverage manufacturers over their progress in bringing plastic packaging contact materials in line with health and safety rules.

Brewers cautious over EU traceability plan

New proposals designed to improve the traceability of consumer goods like beer have been cautiously welcomed by an association of European brewers, despite concerns over the exact cost of the...

Dutch spirit producers face shrinking market, experts say

The market for Dutch spirits continues to shrink - and demand for the world famous jenever gin will halve over the next 12 years, a report has said.

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Supplements - do we ask too much?

Taking a range of supplements from vitamin A to zinc is becoming part of everyday life. But as the latest study is published questioning their efficacy, people could be left...

ADM responds to HFCS obesity claims

Ingredients giant Archer Daniels Midland has criticised media reports linking the use of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) with the rise in US obesity levels, saying it is not the...

Briefs: SABMiller, Playboy, and whisky tax

This week, SABMiller declines to bid for S&N, Playboy makes a push into US energy drink market and The Scotch Whisky Association aims to maintain a freeze on spirits tax....

Omega-3 will flourish despite challenges, say analysts

A major challenge facing the lucrative omega-3 industry is the need to differentiate between the various sources of the fatty acid, analysts say.

Consumers shun nutrition info for recycling instructions

Consumers are more interested in seeing recycling information on food labels than fat, sugar and calorie information, according to a new survey from Mintel, adding further fuel to the debate...

Drink makers face video sharing ad attack

A UK-based alcohol charity has expressed concerns that regulation and other frameworks designed to ensure responsible alcohol promotions are failing to keep up with developments in online advertising.

UK politician makes 'moral' bottled water stance

The UK environment minister has this week kicked off a war of words with the bottled water industry, claiming that it is acting in a "morally unacceptable" manner.

Coca-Cola strengthens aluminium recycling initiative

Coca-Cola now plans to recycle 100 per cent of its aluminium cans sold in the US, the company announced last week.

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Making a meal out of saturated fat

The food industry across Europe needs to make a big effort to reduce saturated fat in food regardless of whether national agencies set targets - and it should not wait...

Erythritol demand to grow with EU acceptance

EU member states must recognise erythritol as an approved sweetener by tomorrow, which is expected to increase its use in low-calorie products across Europe.

Red wine heart benefits no different to other alcohols: study

The potential health benefits of a single glass of polyphenol rich red wine are no different to any other alcoholic beverage, according to new research.

Whisky group calls for greater health collaboration

Though the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) claims to be winning the fight to curb irresponsible consumption in its homeland, it has called for more cooperation between industry and government to...

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The ethical cocoa confusion

While most consumers agree that ethically-sourced cocoa is no bad thing, an ever increasing number of different schemes risks muddying the issue and puzzling chocolate fans.

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