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Wine polyphenols may reduce effect of fatty food: study

Polyphenols from wine may reduce the negative impact of high-fat foods, according to a small study from Israel that suggests a role in the formulation of healthier food products.

UK body opens new year whisky consultation

It is not resolution, but regulation driving New Year optimism in Scotch whisky production, as the UK government this week opens consultation on new rules to protect the liquor's reputation...

Deadline imposed on S&N acquisition

UK trade authorities have given a consortium formed between Carlsberg and Heineken a four-week window in which to outline a "firm" intention to acquire brewer Scottish and Newcastle (S&N) or...

Pernod shortlists Absolut or Stolichnaya for acquisition

Pernod Ricard has says it will purchase either Absolut or Stolichnaya in its attempts to add an premium vodka label to its portfolio, though it has not yet finalised any...

European parliament passes spirits regulations

European Commission amendments designed to shake up and protect spirit production within the bloc were yesterday adopted by the European parliament, outlining new requirements for manufacturers in the bloc.

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Time for antioxidants v2.0

'Antioxidants' crop up every where, from beverage cans to cereal packets. But industry must wake up to over use of the antioxidant tag before the term loses meaning for consumers.

Eastern promise for European water sales

Bottled water consumption continues to rise drastically in Eastern Europe, increasing by 15 per cent during 2006, new research has found.

Moderate beer intake may cut Alzheimer's risk: study

The silicon content of beer may protect against the deleterious effects of aluminium on brain health, suggests a new study with mice from Spain.

EFSA budget swells amid increasing industry innovation

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) agreed at last week's management board meeting that next year's budget, set by the European Union, is sufficient to align to the growing legislative...

Briefs: Coca-Cola, Absolut and Pepsi

In this week's briefs, Coca-Cola Enterprises lifts sale expectations for the year ahead, the Absolut vodka brand will go the highest bidder at an upcoming auction, and Pepsi consolidates its...

EFSA group formed to evaluate Southampton study

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has put together a working group to provide the European Commission and EU member states with scientific advice on the effects of food additives...

Wine enrichment dominates pre-vote EU talks

EU Agricultural commissioner Mariann Fischer Boel will continue to work towards driving greater innovation in EU wine production, though she vowed yesterday to get tough on wine enrichment as part...

Producers need to 're-think' responsible drinking ads

Drinks groups may stepping up their efforts to promote responsible alcohol consumption, but some of their latest advertising campaigns have been labelled as "catastrophically misconceived", according to new research. ...

US gives kick to global energy drink sales

US consumers drank 990m litres of energy drinks during 2006, a 47 per cent increase over the previous year, making the country the largest global market for the product.

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Infant nutrition: Too close for comfort?

Industry has to walk a tightrope between lending a benevolent hand to support infant nutrition for the good of public health, and cynical marketing that seems to cash in on...

Sugary drinks linked to Alzheimer's, says study

Researchers in the US have found that mice given a sugar solution as part of their daily diets showed increased signs of developing Alzheimer's disease.

New techniques added to acrylamide reduction handbook

The food and drink industry has added more techniques to its handbook advising processors on how to reduce acrylamide formation, a bid to help smaller companies voluntarily reduce the potential...

Drink banned for using alcohol reduction technique

An attempt to introduce a new technique for producing a low-alcohol sparkling wine has backfired for one UK processor, which received a decision yesterday confirming the ban of the product...

Codex will look again at health claims science

Codex has agreed its draft rules on health claims needs further work following concerns over what evidence should be required for scientific substantiation.

Education and enlargement behind EU spirits concerns

Effectively educating consumers about alcohol misuse in an enlarged EU is one of the main issues facing spirits companies in the year ahead, according to an industry report.

Health concerns dominate Australian beverage boom

Despite a sharp increase in beverage consumption amongst Australians over the last decade, sales of sugar-sweetened carbonated soft drinks have fallen "dramatically", according to a national trade association in the...

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Industry's role against HIV/AIDS

Following World AIDS Day, the food industry should reflect on its own potential to advance the fight against a disease that continues to sweep a devastating toll.

Industry calls for new UN climate change agreement

Major food and drink companies such as Nestle are part of an industry group calling on the world's leaders to forge a binding UN agreement to tackle climate change.

Packaging briefs: Rusal and UK recycling shake up

UC Rusal moves to consolidate its position as the world's leading producer of aluminium-foil packaging by expanding in Russia, whilst manufacturers and retailers are faced with new proposals for recycling...

Fresh, super and organic top trends for 2008

The top 10 trends to watch for next year include fresh and organic, superfruits, bold flavors, and probiotics beyond yogurts, according to Datamonitor's Productscan database.

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