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Vegetable juice firms target booming Chinese market

Grasping the booming opportunities in the Chinese food and beverage market, Japanese food conglomerate Kagome has linked up with Chinese firm to bring vegetable and fruit juices to the market.

Obesity crisis spurs sugar warning proposal for soft drinks

Proposals to put cigarette-style health warnings on soft drinks to highlight the harmful effects of too many sugary beverages has been called patronizing by the American Beverage Association, writes Anthony...

Researchers target barley genes for product development

Whiskey and beer producers across the UK may benefit from a £1.8m research project aiming to identify, and improve, the genetic make-up of barley, one of their most commonly used...

OJ contamination sparks industry fears

The discovery of potential Salmonella Typhimurium contamination in an orange juice product has compounded worries over falling juice sales in the US.

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Let food be thy medicine

A society that views food as taste-bud entertainment rather than a basic of well-being was always bound to run into health problems. But with obesity now afflicting 300m people, and...

Russia sees surge in foreign wine demand

Russian firm Sanserite will import new, Spanish wines aimed solely at Russia as demand for foreign wine increases thanks to rising consumption, higher disposable incomes and a declining domestic wine...

Sweetener label ruling hits soft drink makers

The FDA has urged the soft drink industry to review the ingredient statements on their soft drink labels following the withdrawal of a proposed "and/or" ruling on sweeteners. ...

Scientists boost instant coffee supplies?

As coffee prices start to creep up, scientists claim to have developed a method that will overcome the problem of growing instant coffee supplies.

Food scientist shortage damaging UK's R&D future

The lack of food science recruits in the UK is unsustainable if the country wants to remain a centre for innovation and avoid becoming the food industry's global admin office,...

Aspartame sweetener dominates new product launches in sweetener category

Weight and health concerns continue to propel the market for low-calorie sweeteners, with a host of recent global product launches showing the popularity of sugar replacer aspartame in new sugar...

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Food intolerance: a scientific void

It is time to draw on science to establish once and for all whether food intolerance is just a source of succour for hypochondriacs, or whether it is genuinely a...

Green tea's anti-cancer effects 'highly unlikely', says FDA

Drinking green tea is highly unlikely to help prevent breast, prostate or any other type of cancer, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said last week, after reviewing the...

Colours and flavour focus for food scientist meeting

At this year's annual IFT meeting later this month flavour and colour firms will be dishing up their latest ingredients for food and beverage makers. Here we dip into a...

Private label corners real juice trend

Consumers are rapidly falling in love with bona fide, 100 per cent juice across developed markets, yet it is private labels that are reaping the benefits in Western Europe, says...

Study forecasts consolidation in plastic closure market

While the Western European market for plastic caps and closures may be growing, food and drink processors will have to be less choosy when picking their supplier, reports Ahmed ElAmin.

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Claims, claims, claims

As lawyers circle the food and drink industry like a fatted calf, the first lesson for those preparing for defence is that it is not so much what you sell...

Cereal starch sweetener industry hit by sugar reform

Sweeping changes to EU sugar regime would put Europe's cereal starch sweetener industry at risk, threatening job losses and even possible business closures, warns the industry this week, reports Lindsey...

Tension boils over on US beer market

Animosity is hotting up on America's stagnant beer market as SABMiller lowers prices and attacks Anheuser-Busch in adverts, yet productive responses to market pressures are still needed, reports Chris Mercer.

Sugar reform: food makers to enjoy cheaper sugar ingredients?

Food and drink makers could soon expect cheaper sugar ingredients with Brussels expected to publish its proposals on EU sugar reform today, writes Lindsey Partos.

France poised to overhaul AOC system

VinExpo may have begun under a gallic cloud in Bordeaux, but French agriculture minister Dominique Bussereau has entered the lion's den to assure wine makers that reform is coming, reports...

VinExpo embraces wine market shift

Bordeaux - VinExpo, described as the largest gathering of wine and spirits buyers and sellers in the world, is this year also a showcase of the industry's response to a...

Fruit, vegetable juices may stall Alzheimer's disease

Certain polyphenols abundant in fruit and vegetable juices may play an important role in delaying the onset of Alzheimer's disease, reports Dominique Patton.

Gum arabic agreement targets stable supplies

P.L. Thomas, the only US representative at the recent Gum Arabic industry meeting in Sudan, tells Anthony Fletcher why the international commitment to secure long-term supplies of gum Arabic is...


Highway to health

Parked on the hot coals of public opinion, the food industry can lose no time in proving how healthy its products are.

Russian dairies see profits in drinking yoghurt

Dairies not manufacturing premium-range yoghurt are missing out, with new products hitting this lucrative market every month, reports Angela Drujinina.

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