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Could organic eat itself?

Just when organic food has begun to make a noticeable dent in the overall food market, air freighting - a measure that solves the segment's biggest current problem - is...

Child replica shirts stripped of alcohol sponsorship

The use of alcohol branding on children's replica shirts is to be red-carded, as the industry faces further restrictions on how it promotes its products.

Sudan threatens industry with gum arabic withdrawal

The Sudanese ambassador to the US has threatened to withdraw the supply of gum arabic, an emulsifier and stabiliser used by the food industry, in response to a pledge to...

EU switches wine reform focus

Plans to rip out 400,000 hectares of vines to drain the EU's bulging 'wine lake' will be watered down to put greater emphasis on marketing wines abroad, Commission officials have confirmed.

No deal in international coffee talks

Coffee processors and producers will have to wait another year for a new International Coffee Agreement after talks over the last week failed to make a breakthrough.

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Press releases for the press?

In a world where getting your name out there is called branding, and branding in turn equals better market share, some companies will go to great lengths to draw attention...

Prison looms for Coca-Cola recipe thief

A former Coca-Cola worker was sentenced to eight years in prison this week for stealing and attempting to sell Coca-Cola trade secrets to its rival, PepsiCo.

Could coffee cut Parkinson's risk?

Drinking a whopping ten cups of coffee a day or more could slash the risk of developing Parkinson's disease by 74 per cent, suggests a new prospective study from Finland.

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Masterfoods and the vegetarianisation of food

Masterfoods' U-turn over its plan to reformulate its famous confectionery brands using animal-derived whey sets a precedent that will prevent any other food manufacturer from flying in the face of...

France: CRAV wine militants issue ultimatum

French wine militants have warned the country's new president, Nicolas Sarkozy, there will be more violence if he does not offer more support to the sector.

UK waste reduction guide designed to help industry

A new UK guide designed to help retailers and processors cut down on packaging waste serves as an example for other EU companies.

Bulgarian packager plans glass expansion

Bulgarian group Drujba is expected to undergo major expansion within its production capabilities over the coming year as part of moves to consolidate its position within Europe's glass packaging market,...

Machine combines case packing and erecting

Combining two specialist functions into one is never easy, however two British companies say they have managed to put case packing and erecting into one compact machine.

EFSA publishes draft health claims guidance

The European Food Standards Authority has today published its draft guidance document for the submission of applications under the new nutrition and health claims regulation, giving the clearest insight yet...

Starbucks supports coffee trademark plan

Ethiopia's coffee industry, one of the largest in the world, was this week closer to establishing a set of premium trademarks for its beans after signing up coffeehouse giant Starbucks.

Strong sun 'burns' wine grapes

Stronger sunlight associated with global warming means winemakers will have to think of new ways to protect their grapes, said Italian wine expert Riccardo Cotarella.

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Ingredients for cheap?

As recent incidents of food contamination demonstrate, the cheapest source for ingredients may not turn out to be so cheap after all.

Debate rages on innocent McDonalds trial

A decision by juice and smoothie group, innocent, to trial its drinks in McDonalds restaurants has caused debate among the UK firm's consumers.

Boel sets out her stall for EU wine reform

Mariann Fischer Boel, Europe's agriculture commissioner, has attempted to rally supporters of her 'radical' wine reform proposals, but conceded that disagreements remained.

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Ditch the marketing madness

Marketing strategies - two words that incorporate everything from pseudo scientific research to shock value advertising campaigns. But shouldn't honesty be the best policy?

Are fruity cocktails a healthy drink?

Strawberries with alcohol may lead to an increase in antioxidant capacity, says new research from Thailand and the US that suggests a daiquiris could be classed as a health drink.

Exclusive interview

Inside Nestle's R&D brain centre

In the first of a new series of exclusive interviews, Professor Peter van Bladeren, Nestlé's director of science and research, tells Stephen Daniells how collaboration is key to innovation at...

Less is more, UK wine consumers told

Wine industry leaders in the UK are attempting to make moderate wine consumption fashionable as part of a new responsible drinking plan spearheaded by the European Commission.

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Food contamination: time for action

At a time when so many resources are being pumped into improving consumer health through food, it is pitifully ironic that more and more people are getting sick or dying...

EU to press ahead with India spirit tariffs dispute

EU officials say they are determined to make India drop its high import tariffs on wine and spirit drinks, after the country refused to stand before a dispute panel at...

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