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Rosé wine sales rocket

Once derided as a poor relation of real wine, sales of rosé have rocketed across Britain and France over the last few years as consumers look to expand their taste...

Sweetener safety major concern for most Americans, report

Almost two thirds of Americans are concerned about the safety of artificial sweeteners, a factor that could potentially impact the expected continued growth of the sugar-free market, according to a...

Pomegranate juice could slow prostate cancer growth

Drinking a glass of pomegranate juice every day could slow the growth of prostate cancer, researchers have reported for the first time.

Slovenia backs EU plans to drain wine lake

As French, Italian and Spanish winemakers debate life without wine lakes, producers in one of Europe's smallest wine nations say they should not foot the bill for others' mistakes.

Diploma courses to boost skills levels in UK food sector

Specialised diploma courses for various manufacturing segments of the food industry will be created in the UK, part of a bid to increase the skills levels in the industry.

Vodka war splits EU

Squabbling over what ingredients can be used to make true vodka threatens to hold up European Commission proposals to tighten the definition of spirit drinks.

Cereal drinks not a milk alternative, says FSANZ

Cereal-based beverages, such as those made from rice and oats, are not suitable as a complete milk replacement for young children, said the Australian and New Zealand food authorities today.

Decaf coffee could protect against type-2 diabetes

Drinking six or more cups of coffee every day could reduce the risk of developing type-2 diabetes by more than 20 per cent, says a new US study.

Britvic hit by Ecuador passion fruit shortage

Severe shortages of passion fruit supplies from Ecuador threaten to disrupt food and drink firms, as Britvic says it will pull its J2O Orange and Passionfruit drink from shop shelves...

Aluminium found effective for treating natural waters

The use of aluminium oxide is an effective and safe method for the removal of fluoride from natural mineral waters, an EU scientific body has concluded.

France hits out at EU wine reform

Commission plans to sort out Europe's ailing wine sector hit their first road block within hours of being unveiled, after the French government rejected key proposals as too destructive.

Commission to unveil EU wine reform plans

The explosive debate on what to do about Europe's troubled wine sector will begin in earnest today as the European Commission outlines several options for member countries.

Cherry juice may reduce exercise-induced muscle pain

Drinking cherry juice could reduce the pain and damage in muscles induced by exercise, says a small intervention study from the US.

Beer extract could protect against prostate cancer

The flavonoid xanthohumol found in hops could help prevent prostate cancer, but the scientists suggest supplements rather than beer for exploiting the potential benefits.

FAU challenges FSA's call for junk food ad ban

The Food Advertising Unit (FAU) has challenged the FSA's call for a pre-watershed (9pm) ban on food and drink advertising, saying such calls are "disproportionate".

World Cup accelerates at-home drinking trend

More than one in three Brits will watch the England match at home today, driving demand for off-trade alcohol as armchair fans reach for a can.

FSA 'disappointed' at junk food ad proposals

The UK's FSA has expressed 'disappointment' at Ofcom's proposals on junk food advertising to kids, arguing that they are an insufficient response to the problem posed to children's health.

Coffee supplies forecast to recover this year

World coffee production over the next year will rise by nearly ten per cent, or nearly 11 million bags, over the previous year, fuelling a rising demand for the brew,...

Hot Queensland summer boosts beverage, frozen dessert sales

Sales of sparkling juices, bottled water and flavoured milk soared in Queensland this summer, as the Australian state experienced one of the longest and hottest summers on record.

Baltic Beverages enters Uzbekistan market

Baltic Beverages Holding (BBH) will invest in a new brewery in Tashkent, describing the move as part of the company's strategy of entering into emerging markets.

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Healthy food and the World Cup of missed opportunity

Beer, bakery, confectionery, sweet drinks, pizzas, snacks galore, and even dog food. The list of products with World Cup tie-ins is dominated by junk food, while healthy food makers seem...

Women drinking at home target of alcoholic beverage market

Women drinking at home make up the biggest growth opportunity in the UK's alcoholic beverages market, according to the latest Datamonitor forecast.

World Cup sparks beer war

A World Cup beer bonanza is underway in supermarkets across the UK as leading retailers slash prices to under 50p per can to tempt armchair fans.

Ofcom under pressure over junk food ads

The UK advertising regulator Ofcom is under pressure to reconsider its rejection of a 9pm watershed ban on junk food advertising, according to a UK newspaper.

Rexam to build new beverage can plant as supplies tighten

Rexam is putting new beverage can capacity on the market, as it strengthens its relationship with Red Bull by building a new wall-to-wall plant in Austria.

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