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Alcohol promotions shot down under new reforms

The party could be over for manufacturers of alcoholic shots and shooters in the UK, as an industry body this week called time on any industry practices that promote rapid...

Diageo mulls Guinness move

The future for Guinness's historic Dublin-based production site seems as unclear this week as the popular beverage itself, after Diageo announced that it was reviewing the effectiveness of its production...

EU welcomes vodka vote compromise

The outcome of a decisive EU parliamentary vote yesterday on a definition of vodka could eventually end the uncertainty in the beverage sector about a controversial labelling issue.

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A sobering thought for the alcohol industry

Much against my own better judgement, there are some issues it seems, where corporate social responsibility must really live up to its name and truly look after its consumers.

Britvic commit to green packaging pledge

Britvic announced Friday that it will commit to a UK-based scheme designed to cut packaging waste from its products as part of an agreement with the Waste & Resource Action...

Live at VinExpo

Economics and market trends guide buyers

Behind all the glasses of wine and spirits tasted here at one of the world's largest exhibitions in the trade, lies the hard economic facts.

Cocoa's heart benefits given another boost

Consumption of the polyphenol-rich cocoa may cut cholesterol levels, says a new study from Japan that adds to the ever-growing body of science supporting the potential heart health benefits of...

The rise of functional water

It seems that mineral water just isn't healthy enough, as a growing number of manufacturers move to tap growing demand for H2O products that boast enhanced nutritional benefits.

Soft drink industry defends additive labelling

The soft drinks industry has denied claims that its policy on additive labelling is failing to alert consumers to the possible risk of consuming its products.

Alcopops labeling bill moves to Senate

A bill requiring malt liquor beverages to feature warning labels and mark their alcohol content has passed to the State Senate in California.

EU forum mulls alcohol ad reform

European alcohol producers will come under increased pressure to amend the way they target consumers, with the formation of a new EU health forum late last week.

UK Alcohol companies acting responsibly, says industry

UK alcohol manufacturers are pulling their weight in encouraging responsible drinking, an industry body has claimed this week.

EU reveals Australian wine trade proposals

The EU has negotiated further safeguards for some of its most important trademarks like champagne and port, as part of proposed new wine trade reforms with Australia announced this week.

Cadbury set to cast off senior managers

Cadbury said yesterday it will restructure its activities in Britain and Ireland, resulting in the dismissal of several senior executives.

Coca-Cola reforms to tap water sustainability calls

Coca-Cola today pledged to overhaul how it uses water throughout its operations and bottling franchises in a drive for greater environmental sustainability.

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Could organic eat itself?

Just when organic food has begun to make a noticeable dent in the overall food market, air freighting - a measure that solves the segment's biggest current problem - is...

Child replica shirts stripped of alcohol sponsorship

The use of alcohol branding on children's replica shirts is to be red-carded, as the industry faces further restrictions on how it promotes its products.

Sudan threatens industry with gum arabic withdrawal

The Sudanese ambassador to the US has threatened to withdraw the supply of gum arabic, an emulsifier and stabiliser used by the food industry, in response to a pledge to...

EU switches wine reform focus

Plans to rip out 400,000 hectares of vines to drain the EU's bulging 'wine lake' will be watered down to put greater emphasis on marketing wines abroad, Commission officials have confirmed.

No deal in international coffee talks

Coffee processors and producers will have to wait another year for a new International Coffee Agreement after talks over the last week failed to make a breakthrough.

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Press releases for the press?

In a world where getting your name out there is called branding, and branding in turn equals better market share, some companies will go to great lengths to draw attention...

Prison looms for Coca-Cola recipe thief

A former Coca-Cola worker was sentenced to eight years in prison this week for stealing and attempting to sell Coca-Cola trade secrets to its rival, PepsiCo.

Could coffee cut Parkinson's risk?

Drinking a whopping ten cups of coffee a day or more could slash the risk of developing Parkinson's disease by 74 per cent, suggests a new prospective study from Finland.

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Masterfoods and the vegetarianisation of food

Masterfoods' U-turn over its plan to reformulate its famous confectionery brands using animal-derived whey sets a precedent that will prevent any other food manufacturer from flying in the face of...

France: CRAV wine militants issue ultimatum

French wine militants have warned the country's new president, Nicolas Sarkozy, there will be more violence if he does not offer more support to the sector.

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