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Fizzy colas may raise hypertension risk

Fizzy colas may increase consumers' risk of hypertension that can lead to strokes and heart disease, suggests a new medical study, raising new problems for stumbling fizzy drink sales.

Beer keg robbers cost brewers millions

The increasing theft of beer kegs is costing brewers millions of pounds every year, as industry bodies pledge tougher surveillance to halt the beer keg bandits.

Alco-pop drinks lose out to wine and cocktails

Alco-pops have lost the plot on the UK alcoholic drinks market and the sector will carry on sinking until producers come up with something new for Britain's youth, says a...

World's largest malting plant targets growing demand

Malteurop's new malting unit, considered to be the largest in the world, is designed to meet increasing demand for a highly nutritional ingredient.

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No avoiding sustainable sourcing

Food companies do not yet face the ethical sourcing equation of the clothing industry, where brands from Nike to Marks & Spencer cannot afford a single claim of sweat-shop production....

French AOC wine prices collapsing

Prices for quality French wines have continued to crumble in recent months as the gap closes between them and their less regulated counterparts, leaving ominous signs for the future of...

Donated beverage investigated in Jamaican poisoning scare

A nutritional drink distributed to a poor community in Jamaica is being blamed by residents for an outbreak of food poisoning, that has resulted in the deaths of three people.

UK supermarkets pledge support for crackdown on underage alcohol sales

The UK's leading supermarkets are to create stricter guidelines for employees selling alcohol in the run up to a government crackdown on underage drinking.

UK tops Europe, US, in food, drink workforce productivity

The UK ranks second behind Canada in the level of productivity of its food, drink and tobacco products work force, but Austria, Finland and the Netherlands are on the way...

Florida juice standards relaxed to cope with Wilma

The Florida Citrus Commission (FCC) has agreed to relax maturity standards for oranges and grapefruits processed for juice in a move to help growers impacted by Hurricane Wilma.

Danone seeks calm in Volvic contamination scare

Danone has sought to calm customers after two bottles of Volvic water were found to contain traces of potentially harmful chemical Napthalene, threatening UK sales.

Slow Food show taps consumer trend for adventure

Visitors have doubled in two years as the identity, individuality and heritage of food takes on new importance among consumers increasingly scouring the globe for authentic tasty sensations.

High duty rates foster alcohol fraud in UK

The higher cost of bringing alcohol into the UK is still making the country an attractive den for fraudsters as the industry and government prepare to up their battle against...

Polymer price hikes set to push packing costs even higher

Amcor, the world's largest producer of PET, is pushing for a third round of price increases this year, while a report forecasts polymer prices are set to hit new highs...

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Putting a premium on substance over style

Food producers are flogging the term 'premium' for all it's worth, threatening to flood a market that relies on exclusivity for its success with well-packaged tat.

IFST issues update on food allergies

With new European rules on food allergens enforced next month, the voice of UK food scientists issues an update of its statement on food allergies.

Alcohol damages eye sight in unborn baby

Children born from women who consume alcohol when pregnant could have eye problems, claims yet another study to highlight the risk of alcohol consumption on the unborn foetus.

Red wine improves artery health in heart patients

Antioxidants in red wine appear to have positive effects on the arteries of people with heart disease, according to a Greek study.

EU offers cheaper trademark protection

It will be cheaper for firms to apply for trademark protection across the European Union from the start of November, yet the privilege will remain pricey compared to other regions.

Cranberry compound found to block cancer

Compounds in cranberries, thought to help prevent urinary preventions, may also fight the development of cancer, report US researchers today.

Daily drink thins the blood but raises risk of bleeding-type strokes

A daily glass of alcohol can prevent heart disease by thinning the blood, but moderate drinkers may also raise the risk of bleeding-type strokes, confirm researchers.

Human Rights Court rejects Anheuser Budweiser claim

The European Court of Human Rights has presided over its first trademark case, ruling that Anheuser Busch cannot register Budweiser as a trademark in Portugal.

EU plots 'fundamental' wine reform in 2006

As the EU announces another €450m round of subsidies for member states to restructure their vineyards, plans are already being laid for major reforms to Europe's wine sector next year.

Fake food, drinks seizures in EU rise by 200%

The amount of fake food and drinks entering the EU grew by 200 per cent last year, with the higher quality of counterfeits making detection more difficult, the bloc's administrative...

Typhoo sale shows UK tea market shift

Premier Foods will sell its Typhoo tea brand to Indian group Apeejay Surrendra as the good old British 'cuppa' tries to readjust amid coffee culture and private label dominance.

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