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France will rip up vines, but not enough

France has announced plans to rip up more than 16,000 hectares of vines in an attempt to dig its wine industry out of trouble, but it seems likely that more...

Scientists look for secrets of foamy beer

Scientists are using new technology to further unravel the mystery process behind foamy beer, to help brewers get that perfect brew every time.

UK: Vote on total pub smoking ban looms

A full smoking ban across all of England's pubs looks more likely as reports indicate the government is preparing to give MPs a free vote on the issue in Parliament.

Heart health juices increase presence in 2006

Interest is growing in fruit juices for heart health, as Provexis signs up another UK supermarket chain to its tomato-based Sirco drink, and a new trial prepares to get underway...

UK ad banned for linking beer to sex

Britain's advertising watchdog signalled it was getting tough on a new code for alcoholic drinks adverts by telling UK brewer Young's to remove posters linking alcohol with social and sexual...

UK retailers slam underage drinking crackdown

Retailers say they are being used as a scapegoat by the government, which is failing to tackle underage drinking.

Caffeine could be Viagra for women, study

Drinking moderate amounts of coffee may increase a woman's desire for sex, suggests a new US study on female rats.

Tomato juice prevents emphysema in animal models

Drinking tomato juice completely prevented emphysema in mice exposed to tobacco smoke, report researchers from Japan.

Bottled water to beat fizzy drinks in five years

Bottled water consumption is expected to overtake fizzy soft drinks around the world within five years, says a new report, with Nestlé, Danone and PepsiCo leading the charge.

Grolsch boycotts Dutch retailer in price battle

Grolsch, the Dutch brewer, has begun boycotting a top supermarket in the Netherlands after a dispute over beer prices, in a new demonstration of supplier power.

Fizzy soft drinks not linked to esophageal cancer, study

Consuming fizzy soft drinks is not linked to esophageal cancer as previously thought and diet drinks may even help decrease the risk, suggests new research on the issue.

New rules ease foreign access to protected name status

In a bid to meet World Trade Organisation demands, the European Commission plans to make it easier for non-EU companies to gain geographical indications (GI) protection for speciality brand names.

Spirits industry wary of EU reform plans

A senior official said the industry was not consulted on the European Commission proposal to re-categorise spirit drinks, but welcomed plans to update production regulations.

Raising prices may not curb drinking, study

Raising the price of alcoholic drinks will not necessarily lead to less consumption, says new research, calling into question the use of high prices to encourage responsible drinking.

Starbucks wins China trademark battle

Starbucks, the US coffee chain, has won the trademark battle in China that analysts said it could not afford to lose, paving the way for the firm's Asian expansion plans.

New allergen labeling to boost growing 'free-from' market?

Consumers who suffer from food allergies are set to benefit from new "plain English" allergen labeling rules, which also provide food and beverage manufacturers with the opportunity to tap into...

French government pledges new wine strategy

French prime minister Dominique de Villepin said the plan would help to dig France out of wine crisis, yet under-pressure winemakers are planning more protests.

Christmas feature

Spicing up Christmas

Christmas cake, mulled wine, mince pies and Christmas pudding - all these festive specialities taste of Christmas. But why is it that the smell of spices such as cinnamon, allspice,...

Soluble fiber on the rise in the US

Insoluble fiber, from wholegrains, is currently enjoying more attention from consumers and the food industry than soluble fiber, but interest in the soluble variety is rising fast, according to Frost...

Christmas Feature

The festive food frenzy

0600 hours, 24 December - touched down on planet earth, life force appears rounded and inert.

Combining food additives could harm nervous system, study

The combination of common food additives could interfere with the development of the nervous system, raising new concerns about the health implications of children's diets, according to a new report...

Christmas feature

The chemistry of delicious

If only they taught chemistry in schools as it happens at Christmas tables across Europe. For here lies the secret of delicious. Come next weekend, the centrepiece from north to...

Christmas feature

Wassail away your Christmas

Forget the family 'bored' games this Christmas. It's time to get down to the local orchard with a slice of toast, a loaded gun and a big bowl of steaming...

Food temperature affects taste, reveal scientists

A new study reveals why our taste perception is enhanced as the temperature of food and beverage products increases, explaining why beer is more bitter and ice cream is sweeter...

Brazil softens blow for InBev amid job cuts in Europe

Protests hit the headquarters of Belgian brewing giant InBev as the brewer continues to cut back European brewing facilities, but the group's strong foothold in Latin America is keeping the...