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IFST issues update on food allergies

With new European rules on food allergens enforced next month, the voice of UK food scientists issues an update of its statement on food allergies.

Alcohol damages eye sight in unborn baby

Children born from women who consume alcohol when pregnant could have eye problems, claims yet another study to highlight the risk of alcohol consumption on the unborn foetus.

Red wine improves artery health in heart patients

Antioxidants in red wine appear to have positive effects on the arteries of people with heart disease, according to a Greek study.

EU offers cheaper trademark protection

It will be cheaper for firms to apply for trademark protection across the European Union from the start of November, yet the privilege will remain pricey compared to other regions.

Cranberry compound found to block cancer

Compounds in cranberries, thought to help prevent urinary preventions, may also fight the development of cancer, report US researchers today.

Daily drink thins the blood but raises risk of bleeding-type strokes

A daily glass of alcohol can prevent heart disease by thinning the blood, but moderate drinkers may also raise the risk of bleeding-type strokes, confirm researchers.

Human Rights Court rejects Anheuser Budweiser claim

The European Court of Human Rights has presided over its first trademark case, ruling that Anheuser Busch cannot register Budweiser as a trademark in Portugal.

EU plots 'fundamental' wine reform in 2006

As the EU announces another €450m round of subsidies for member states to restructure their vineyards, plans are already being laid for major reforms to Europe's wine sector next year.

Fake food, drinks seizures in EU rise by 200%

The amount of fake food and drinks entering the EU grew by 200 per cent last year, with the higher quality of counterfeits making detection more difficult, the bloc's administrative...

Typhoo sale shows UK tea market shift

Premier Foods will sell its Typhoo tea brand to Indian group Apeejay Surrendra as the good old British 'cuppa' tries to readjust amid coffee culture and private label dominance.

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A hungry world needs a fit FAO

The crusade to end world hunger has been a bitter failure. But with the world set to sweep away a crooked food trading system, there is a chance to get...

Drinks makers missing vital Midlifer market

There are more of them and they have more money than ever before. Yet the growing importance of consumers in the so-called Midlifer market is being dangerously ignored by alcoholic...

Nestlé scientists apply modern physics to new food designs

Knowledge gained from modern physics will help food scientists construct the rational design of complex food materials for new food products, say Nestle scientists.

EU attacked for raising sugar exports

Sugar reform may yet hijack December's WTO talks as Australia, Brazil and Thailand again accuse the EU of shirking its obligations by planning to increase sugar exports by two million...

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Junk Food Babes

If education is meant to deliver knowledge and wise choices, why are we doing so little to educate our children about food?

New Poland will still fight EU sugar reform

A new centre-right government in Poland is unlikely to curb the country's strong opposition to EU sugar reforms as Commission representatives look for common ground to break the 'no' camp.

Carlsberg plans for China's beer dominance

Carlsberg has confirmed it plans to shut around half its European breweries within a decade to reflect a permanent shift in beer market growth from west to east, and more...

EU ditches drinks labelling plans

Plans to tighten ingredients labelling laws on alcoholic drinks have been ditched by the European Commission as part of an efficiency drive because not enough progress has been made.

Food industry and consumer group at odds over junk food ban

The ban on junk food in UK schools announced yesterday by the government is not an effective solution to tackling childhood obesity, the nation's food industry has said.

UK to announce school junk food ban

The UK government will announce plans to ban junk food in the nation's schools, bringing an end to the sale of crisps, chocolate and fizzy drinks in school vending machines.

French wine union rejects EU, US deal

French wine cooperatives have rejected the recent wine labelling agreement between the EU and US, claiming the deal will not benefit European producers as much as the Commission thinks.

Deadly wine grape disease found in weeds

A chance to fight Pierce's disease, one of the wine industry's most deadly foes, at its origins has come a step closer after scientists found common weeds nestling in vineyards...

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McDonald's: facing fat

There is nothing so redolent of a corporate mid-life crisis as the strategic equivalent of a new car, new girl and new image, set firmly on the shoulders of the...

Juices set to lead functional innovation

Fruit and vegetable juices are excellently placed to take functional innovation forward, but producers must first get to grips with the intense scrutiny their products will attract from regulators and...

Beverage innovations signal healthy future

Germany-based DöhlerGroup claims that growing demand for health, naturalness and balanced nutrition are driving new types of products.

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