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EU agrees to one-year cut in sugar production

The EC's proposal for a one-year cut of 2.5 million tonnes (13.6 per cent) in sugar, isoglucose and inulin syrup production has been accepted.

Authorities under pressure over benzene in soft drinks

More soft drinks will be tested for cancer-causing chemical benzene in the UK after it was revealed some drinks contain up to eight times the legal limit for drinking water.

Beer extracts reported to have anti-inflammatory effect

Extracts from any type of beer reduced inflammatory markers, say Austrian scientists who performed the in vitro experiments.

UK food watchdog finds benzene in soft drinks

Britain's food safety watchdog says initial tests on 230 soft drinks show benzene levels above the UK limit for water, as the industry tells how it controls the issue.

Green tea could protect against Alzheimer's

Drinking more than two cups of green tea a day could cut the risk of dementia by half, claims a population-based study of elderly Japanese subjects.

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The bad research debate

The dust is settling on the WHI trial. First came the news that low-fat diets didn't reduce the risk of breast or colorectal cancer or cardiovascular disease, then came news...

Soft drinks industry pledges to tackle benzene in drinks

America's soft drinks association said it would have to look again at benzene in drinks, after new tests revealed to suggest it and food safety authorities failed to stamp...

Public underestimates risks posed by common pathogens

The public's understanding of food risk issues is skewed towards under estimating the danger from common pathogen contamination, according to a research survey.

Lack of good graduates crippling food industry

Declining numbers of graduates entering the food industry is seriously threatening the sectors ability to meet the needs for further growth, warns the IFST.

Scientists uncover secrets of how taste functions

A new scientific breakthrough could help food makers achieve a much better understanding of taste and how it functions in nutrition.

SABMiller chief outlines beer market prospects

Consumers all over the world are trading up for their drinks, says SABMiller's chief executive, telling an analyst conference how the beer industry can secure long-term growth.

Plant bacteria tough out lab-based irradiation dosages

Setting dosage levels for irradiating bacteria based on lab tests may be incorrect when used on the tougher pathogens found in plant conditions, leading to a food safety issue, according...

Industry targets creation of perfect sports drink

The addition of protein to a carbohydrate-containing beverage provides benefits superior to traditional carbohydrate based beverages, claims the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) on sports nutrition and performance.

More evidence that grape juice may 'reverse' brain aging

Drinking Concord grape juice appears to reverse the course of neuronal and behavioural aging in rats, an effect that is proposed to be due to the complex mix of polyphenols.

EU vending summit to tackle obesity issue

Philippe Brunet, the European Commission's deputy head of cabinet, has been unveiled as the keynote speaker at a pivotal conference on the future of vending in Europe.

Green tea may reduce, but black tea may increase breast cancer risk

Drinking five cups of green tea a day can reduce the risk of breast cancer by 22 per cent, claims a meta-analysis of previous studies, the same studies that the...

Mediterranean wine event shows shift toward quality

ViniSud, a showcase of the up-and-coming wines from the Languedoc region of France, begins in Montpellier today, occurring in a region that epitomises the current problems affecting the industry.

EU to formalise new sugar regime today

The Agriculture & Fisheries Council will formally adopt new sugar reform regulations today after months of fine-tuning the final wording.

UK, Germany checking soft drinks for benzene

Food safety authorities in Britain and Germany are checking soft drinks for benzene after tests suggest a private deal with soft drinks firms in the US, 15 years ago, failed...

Regulators debate standardised labelling system for EU

Regulators and industry representatives from across the EU yesterday wrapped up a meeting in Rotterdam debating standardised system for food labelling across the bloc.

Riot police move to calm French winemakers' protest

Militant winemakers attacked train and phone lines in southern France Wednesday as thousands of fellow vintners protested through the streets at the crisis they say is strangling their industry.

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FDA re-opens probe into benzene contamination of soft drinks

US food safety authorities have re-opened an investigation closed 15 years ago into soft drinks contaminated with cancer-causing chemical benzene, following evidence the industry has failed to sort out the...

England to ban smoking in all pubs, clubs in 2007

A smoking ban will be introduced across all pubs, private members' clubs and restaurants in England during 2007, forcing the pub firms to adapt or fall by the wayside.

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The cost of bad research

The science has spoken. Low-fat diets don't work: Forget the carrots and broccoli sprouts, I can now have my cake and eat it, and put extra cream on top.

Still drinks market growing faster than carbonates

The global still drinks market has lost its cheap image and is booming because beverage companies are concentrating on the premium end.

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