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Energy drinks influence perceptions of ability, says study

Combining alcohol and Red Bull reduces the 'perception' of impairment, though alcohol's harmful effects on motor coordination remain intact, according to a new study.

Grape DNA study promises better quality wine

An Italian team of scientists has succeeded in deciphering the entire DNA sequence of the grapevine genome after six years of intensive research.

More evidence of green tea's brain benefits

Green tea catechins may improve reference and working-memory related learning ability, say research from Japan, adding to claims that green tea can help ward off Alzheimer's.

Chinese wine leader to boost output

Dynasty Fine Wine Group, one of China's top three wine makers, is set to increase its production capacity to 50,000 tons this year, to meet fast-rising demand for the drink...

'Critters' prove the winning wine label formula

More and more wineries are putting pictures of animals on their wine labels, a plan that has shown early success with younger, fun-seeking consumers, says a new report.

French wine firm livid after militants attack

One of southern France's biggest wine groups has pulled out of negotiations over a battle plan for the country's ailing wine sector, days after militant winemakers sent 1.5m litres of...

Coca-Cola tests soft drinks for benzene

Coca-Cola said it was testing its soft drinks around the world for benzene, as the group sought to reassure consumers that soft drinks were only a very small contributor to...

EU Council opens GI system to foreigners

The EU's Agriculture & Fisheries Council has backed proposals to open the bloc's geographical indications (GI) to foreign competition.

Drinks with caffeine need warning labels, study

The caffeine content of all carbonated and energy drinks should be clearly labelled on drinks packaging to avoid unnecessary risk for vulnerable consumers, argues a new study in the US.

Industry wants crackdown against anti-competitive packaging laws

The EU's packaging industry association has called on the European Commission to crackdown on members states who break the rules under the bloc's harmonised system of law.

EU, US sign off wine deal

A controversial agreement to protect Europe's traditional wine names like Champagne and Port from use by American winemakers has been officially signed by the US and European Union.

UK introduces licencing law for labour providers

Gangmasters supplying labourers to work in agriculture or food processing and packaging will need licences to operate in the UK.

Toxic metal found in bottled water

Trace amounts of a little-researched toxic metal have been found in bottled water brands in PET bottles across Europe and Canada, says new research from Germany.

Militant French winemakers step up violence

Burning police cars, wine gushing into streets and trashed government offices have threatened to send violence in southern France's vineyards out of control this week.

New evidence linking soft drinks to weight gain in children

Children kept off sugary drinks lost weight after a period of six months, according to a new study, findings that add to the mounting body of evidence linking childhood obesity...

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The benzene trail

The gamble by US authorities 15 years ago to let the industry deal with benzene residues in soft drinks has failed, and instead only kept those who needed to know...

EU agrees to one-year cut in sugar production

The EC's proposal for a one-year cut of 2.5 million tonnes (13.6 per cent) in sugar, isoglucose and inulin syrup production has been accepted.

Authorities under pressure over benzene in soft drinks

More soft drinks will be tested for cancer-causing chemical benzene in the UK after it was revealed some drinks contain up to eight times the legal limit for drinking water.

Beer extracts reported to have anti-inflammatory effect

Extracts from any type of beer reduced inflammatory markers, say Austrian scientists who performed the in vitro experiments.

UK food watchdog finds benzene in soft drinks

Britain's food safety watchdog says initial tests on 230 soft drinks show benzene levels above the UK limit for water, as the industry tells how it controls the issue.

Green tea could protect against Alzheimer's

Drinking more than two cups of green tea a day could cut the risk of dementia by half, claims a population-based study of elderly Japanese subjects.

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The bad research debate

The dust is settling on the WHI trial. First came the news that low-fat diets didn't reduce the risk of breast or colorectal cancer or cardiovascular disease, then came news...

Soft drinks industry pledges to tackle benzene in drinks

America's soft drinks association said it would have to look again at benzene in drinks, after new tests revealed to suggest it and food safety authorities failed to stamp...

Public underestimates risks posed by common pathogens

The public's understanding of food risk issues is skewed towards under estimating the danger from common pathogen contamination, according to a research survey.

Lack of good graduates crippling food industry

Declining numbers of graduates entering the food industry is seriously threatening the sectors ability to meet the needs for further growth, warns the IFST.

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