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Brewers must be more romantic

Beer still lacks the romance to compete with other alcoholic drinks in America, leaving it stuck on the shelf as consumers move on to new tastes, says a market research...

More benzene lawsuits hit soft drinks firms

More lawsuits have been filed against soft drinks firms alleging their drinks were contaminated with the cancer-causing chemical benzene above America's legal limit for drinking water.

Industry awaits regulator's review of aspartame

Food processors are waiting with bated breath for the release next week of an EU regulatory review either confirming or rejecting the results of a scientific study claiming that aspartame...

'No evidence' that coffee drinking harms heart

Long-term heavy coffee drinking does not increase the risk of coronary heart disease (CHD) say Harvard researchers, results that also have positive implications for the stimulant drink industry.

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Strategic philanthropy: exploitation or key for emerging markets?

When a company 'gives back' to the world through charitable donations, should we wholeheartedly commend it for being a good egg or sniff cynically at the profit potential that underlies...

US to take France's wine drinking crown

Americans will replace the French as the world's biggest wine drinkers within three years, says new research, putting greater pressure on France's shrinking share of wine exports.

Caffeine could protect against diabetes

People who drink lots of green tea or coffee every day could lower their risk of diabetes by 33 percent, a result linked to caffeine content, says new research from Japan.

Wanted: nanotech packaging and widget

A drinks company has put out a call for a nanotechnology company to help it create functional packaging and a new gas release "widget" using the technology.

New science could make sugar sweeter

A new study has revealed how molecular mechanisms and taste perception can be combined to make sucrose more effective, which means that products could contain less sugar but taste just...

New benzene test reveals flaw in FDA soft drinks investigation

A new test should more accurately show the amount of benzene in soft drinks on shop shelves, but that does not mean there is no problem, says the scientist behind...

Ocean Spray doubles plant capacity as cranberries soar

Strong demand for cranberry-based ingredients for functional foods has led co-operative Ocean Spray to double production capacity at its plant in Middleboro, Massachusetts.

South Korea urges recall of benzene-containing drinks

South Korea's food safety authorities called on beverage makers last week to withdraw vitamin C-enriched drinks that had been found to contain the carcinogen benzene.

Health warnings set for alcoholic drinks in UK

Alcoholic drinks on sale in Britain may have to carry health warnings within two years, said the government's public health minister, testing the water as a consultation period with the...

FDA issues first statement on benzene in soft drinks

America's Food and Drug Administration has questioned the accuracy of its own testing for benzene in soft drinks between 1995 and 2001, but held off criticism from Congress members for...

Cider by-product provides natural alternative to tartrazine

French researchers say a by-product of the cider industry could provide an alternative to cosmetic synthetic colourants such as tartrazine (E 102).

Heat tests key for benzene in soft drinks

Testing soft drinks to reflect the effects of storage and transport conditions will be crucial to realistically monitor benzene formation in different drinks, a former industry scientist told

Human aspartame study finds no cancer link

A human observational study has revealed that adults consuming aspartame-containing beverages did not show any increased incidence of certain cancers, but scientists caution that the study could have certain "limitations"...

P&G, Coca-Cola resolve calcium patent dispute

Coca-Cola can continue selling orange juice fortified with calcium, after having settled with Procter and Gamble over a patent infringement lawsuit a development that opens the way forpotential collaborations in...

Aseptic cold filling seen as next wave in processing

COLOGNE, Germany: Aseptic cold filling is being promoted here at a four-day conference on food technology as another solution to meeting the demand for minimally processed foods and drinks.

Soft drinks firms pledge routine benzene tests

Soft drinks makers have been hauled before the European Commission to explain the presence of benzene traces in drinks, putting the industry under pressure after recalls in the UK.

Healthy soft drinks drive global beverage growth

Soft drink consumption is the principal factor behind the growth in global drinks, with health playing an increasingly important role in consumer choice.

UK soft drinks in benzene recall

Britain's food safety watchdog has demanded recalls on four soft drinks brands, after it found they were contaminated with benzene at up to 28 times the country's limit for drinking water.

Tea's brain health benefit link gets more support

Both green and black tea could protect against age-related diseases like Alzheimer's, says a new study, adding yet more support to the benefits of tea extract on brain health.

DSM pulls out of aspartame market

DSM has today announced its withdrawal from the aspartame business, citing price erosion and unprofitability as key factors.

PepsiCo opens China R&D centre

US soft drinks giant Pepsi opened its first research and development centre outside the US in Shanghai yesterday, signalling its commitment to the fast-growing Chinese market.

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