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HFCS and the battle for natural

It is hard for food companies not to get drawn into the temptation of using attractive label claims that may be shrouded by a veil of doubt. But the real...

Innocent lives up to name over ad complaints

PepsiCo has failed in its attempts to revoke what it claims is a misleading advertising campaign by smoothie maker Innocent, after the UK's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ruled in favour...

Pregnant women told to avoid BPA packaging

A US health-advocacy group has warned that pregnant women should reduce their exposure to packaging that contains bisphenol A (BPA) to avoid passing the controversial chemical to their unborn children.

More water better health: Where's the proof? Scientists ask

There remains insufficient clinical evidence either way to back claims that increased consumption of water can grant additional health benefits to consumers, a group of scientists have claimed.

HFCS is not 'natural', says FDA

Products containing high fructose corn syrup cannot be considered 'natural' and should not be labeled as such, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has said.

Drinks makers to change packs or face sales ban

The manufacturers of 32 alcoholic drinks brands have been given four months to modify their packaging to encourage responsible drinking or face a possible UK-wide sales ban, according to drinks...

UK retailers urged to step up developing world suppliers

UK supermarkets are being urged to ignore the controversial issue of 'food miles' when it comes to supporting developing world farmers.

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Temporary workers and corporate responsibility

As ever more food companies find themselves in the position of having employed migrants who were mistreated by illegal labour providers, it may be time for firms to start taking...

EFSA nutrient profiling opinion gives no guidance, advisor

Companies need to keep a close eye on the next steps in the development of the European Commission's nutrient profiling system, says an advisor from EAS, since EFSA has failed...

Red wine antioxidant may kill cancer cells

The antioxidant resveratrol, found in grape skins and red wine, can cripple the function of pancreatic cancer cells while sensitising them to chemotherapy, says new research.

Drink makers divided over Diageo pregnancy labels

The Alcohol industry remains divided over calls by the UK arm of Diageo for the country's government to introduce mandatory health warnings for pregnant women on drinks packaging.

Coca-Cola outlines coffee diversification plan

Coca-Cola has today finalised details of its ready-to-drink (RTD) coffee joint venture with Italy-based Illycaffè in a bid to further diversify its non-carbonated portfolio of brands.

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Calm crucial for energy products

Energy drinks are a runaway success but extreme marketing and product formulation has the potential to cast a shadow over the multi-billion dollar global industry.

US processors alerted over fruit scare

US food processors have been warned by the country's food safety body against using cantaloupes shipped from a Honduran grower and packager, over concerns of a potential salmonella risk.

Deal could make traffic lights mandatory, claims report

Supermarkets in the UK could be 'forced' to adopt the Food Standards Agency's traffic light labelling scheme, claims newspaper.

News briefs: Baltika, Ball packaging and Campari

This week, Campari reportedly mulls expanding its global spirits operations, Baltika pledges to step up exports to Spain, and Ball Packaging adopts an innovative new printing system for its beverage...

Wine industry seeking low-weight solutions for glass

Major players in the wine industry are set to team up with packagers and other stakeholders to improve cooperation in supplying lightweight glass bottles to tackle environmental concerns over the...

Foster's turns back on 'added energy' drinks

Foster's today announced that it will immediately remove added energy and higher alcohol ready to drink (RTD) brands from its portfolio of goods sold in Australia due to concerns about...

Propionic acid beverage could boost satiety

A new study suggests a dairy beverage fermented with propionic acid may boost feelings of satiety, but work will be needed on optimal dose and palatability of market-viable food concepts.

Gene discovery provides insight into fruit shape and size

The identification of a gene that controls the shape of tomatoes provides new insights into the mechanisms of plant development, offering future opportunities for altering the size and shape of...

Soft drink makers press 'natural' innovation claims

Beverage manufacturers will continue to focus on using innovative "natural" ingredients in their products amidst growing concerns over the safety of their current formulations, according to the British Soft Drinks...

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Allergen-free: time for clarity

Claiming 'free from' is not a light statement to make. Lives depend on it. As scientific progress questions the validity of such claims, it is time to establish exact guidelines...

Study finds glass bottling produces similar carbon emissions to PET

A study published by WRAP suggests that the bottling of Australian wine in the UK using light glass bottles with a high recycled content produces roughly the same CO2 emissions...

Oil prices fuels coffee sustainability concerns

High oil prices are set to exacerbate coffee supply concerns by deterring growers from using fertilizers in cultivating the crop, according to new figures from the International Coffee Organisation (ICO).

European health group calls for 'rational' alcohol taxing

All EU governments should consider following the UK in increasing tax on alcoholic beverages, though on the basis of charging alcohol content rather than product definition, according to a senior...

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