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Christmas Feature

The festive food frenzy

0600 hours, 24 December - touched down on planet earth, life force appears rounded and inert.

Combining food additives could harm nervous system, study

The combination of common food additives could interfere with the development of the nervous system, raising new concerns about the health implications of children's diets, according to a new report...

Christmas feature

The chemistry of delicious

If only they taught chemistry in schools as it happens at Christmas tables across Europe. For here lies the secret of delicious. Come next weekend, the centrepiece from north to...

Christmas feature

Wassail away your Christmas

Forget the family 'bored' games this Christmas. It's time to get down to the local orchard with a slice of toast, a loaded gun and a big bowl of steaming...

Food temperature affects taste, reveal scientists

A new study reveals why our taste perception is enhanced as the temperature of food and beverage products increases, explaining why beer is more bitter and ice cream is sweeter...

Brazil softens blow for InBev amid job cuts in Europe

Protests hit the headquarters of Belgian brewing giant InBev as the brewer continues to cut back European brewing facilities, but the group's strong foothold in Latin America is keeping the...

EFSA starts aspartame study evaluation

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has received the primary data for Ramazzini Foudation's recent study on the sweetener aspartame and is commencing its risk assessment as a matter of...

Energy drinks sector gaining momentum

New concepts and strong marketing have driven the global energy drinks market into the mainstream.

UK food regulator to take over responsiblity for wine sector

A public consultation was launched yesterday ahead of a plan to transfer regulatory authority over the UK's wine industry to the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

Malnutrition costs the UK twice as much as obesity

People that are undernourished, or losing weight unintentionally, cost UK health services more than twice as much as obese people, suggests a new report, yet they receive less attention from...

Tea drinkers have lower ovarian cancer risk

Drinking more than two cups of tea daily can reduce the risk of ovariancancer by half, according to results from a large Swedish study.

Food companies global R&D spending lowest among top sectors

The food industry continues to sit at the bottom of the pile when it comes to investing in research and development, an annual study shows.

CRAV to increase wine attacks in France

Militant French winemakers are planning to increase attacks across southern France over the next few months as the government's grip on the wine crisis appears to weaken.

US school law forces soft drink contract changes

A new law allowing American schools to sell milk anywhere at any time will force changes to exclusivity contracts between schools and soft drink firms.

Coffee and tea might reduce liver disease risks

Drinking more than two cups of coffee or tea daily appears to cut the risk of chronic liver disease by half, reports new research from America.

Weekly Comment

The reach of lobbying

The oft-said adage that there are two things people don't want to see being made - sausage and legislation - falls apart at the doors of the EU's parliament.

Studies clash over alcohol health benefits

Drinking alcohol in moderation may help people to stave off obesity, says US study, as researchers from New Zealand cast doubt on alcohol's heart health benefits.

School soft drink sales down, no obesity threat, claims ABA

Sales of full-calorie soft drinks in schools have fallen in recent years, said the American Beverage Asociation (ABA) in a new study, published as soda companies face a possible threat...

French wine industry launches battle plan, CRAV attacks again

French wine sector leaders have launched a battle plan to tackle the industry crisis, including fixed minimum prices and vineyard conversions, as militants re-launch their campaign in the south.

Tea waste rich with extractable antioxidants

Tea waste is almost as rich in potent antioxidants, such as catechins, as the new and expensive green tea leaves used by the supplements industry, according to Iranian research to...

Caffeine delivers visible boost to brain activity

An Austrian research team has unveiled good news for the makers of energy and stimulant drinks, with evidence that caffeine delivers visibly increased brain activity that stimulates short-term memory.

Tapping the trends: the keys to beverage innovation

The sky is the limit when it comes to beverage innovation, so long as consumers continue to trust the claims made by manufacturers, according to an interesting seminar at yesterday's...

Champagne house celebrates injection of science

Champagne market leader Moet-Chandon demonstrated at FiE in Paris how an industry constrained by limted ingredient supplies and an incredibly tough regulatory environment can successfully innovate to increase both quality...

Russia law change to increase costs for alcohol imports

Russia's new rules for alcoholic beverage imports will increase costs by as much as 10 times for EU and North American exporters to the country according to a report on...

France: alcoholic drinks need health warnings

Too many French people are still drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, says new government report, advising more advertising to cut consumption and even health warnings on alcoholic drinks.