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Do antioxidants make tea healthier than water?

The antioxidant content of tea could mean that drinking three or more cups a day could reduce the risk of a wide range of health problems, ranging from cancer to...

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Soft drinks firms settle in benzene lawsuit

Two soft drink firms accused of using ingredients that could mix to form a cancer-causing chemical in drinks plan to sign a settlement with lawyers today, agreeing to change formulas...

Coffee prices on the increase as shortage bites

The price of coffee has risen, and is expected to continue to rise, as a result of a shortage on the world market.

FDA to recall more bottled water in bromate scare

America's food safety watchdog is expected to announce the recall of several bottled water drinks, thought to contain cancer-causing bromate above the legal limit in the US, has learned....

India rejects soft drink pesticides claims

India's Health Ministry has rejected a campaigns group study that found Coca-Cola and PepsiCo soft drinks containing pesticide residues an average 24 times above the proposed maximum limit.

Meta-analysis shows aspartame effective for weight loss

Incorporating aspartame-sweetened food products into the diet does result in weight loss, says a new meta-analysis that fills a gap in the science behind the sweetener.

Court battle looms for Coke in India pesticides row

Coca-Cola is to be sued by an Indian state after new tests showed its soft drinks contained pesticide residues above the proposed legal limit, says a report.

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Food science for all

Food scientists are becoming a rare species in Britain, and things won't change unless schools and food firms start telling young people there is more to food than a supermarket...

No fizzy drinks cancer link, says study

Fizzy soft drinks and low alcohol beer do not increase risk of esophageal cancer in consumers, says a new study from Sweden, backing up earlier research in the US.

Coffee may cause heart attacks, says new study

Drinking the occasional cup of coffee could trigger a heart attack in some consumers within an hour, warns a new study, adding to the debate over the risks and benefits...

Korea's wine imports surge in first half

Wine consumption in South Korea is set to reach record levels this year, as consumers learn of the grape beverage's health benefits, suggests a new report.

Scientist shortage threatens UK research

Britain is failing to recruit enough world-class scientists because the country's education system is not up to the job, the UK's Confederation of British Industry has warned.

The obesity blame game- reader feedback

Last week's comment on the food industry's role in the rising obesity epidemic has generated a flood of responses from readers agreeing with or disputing our position that the industry...

White grapes just as heart healthy as red?

The flesh of grapes is just as heart healthy as the skin, says a laboratory study by Italian and US researchers, a result that may challenge the idea that red...

Government lab criticises pesticides in soft drinks study

Tests in India that found soft drinks contaminated with pesticides are 'doubtful', warns a lab affiliated to the UK government, as PepsiCo and Coca-Cola face more bans and threats of...

Owens-Illinois boosts capacity at NZ glass plant

US company Owens-Illinois will spend US$47 million on a new furnace for its glass manufacturing facility in New Zealand, it said this week.

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The obesity blame game

Laying the blame for a fatter world at the feet of the food industry has become a convenient mistake, and until this is recognized there is little chance of controlling...

Two apples a day keep Alzheimer's away?

Two apples a day, or a glass of apple juice, could keep Alzheimer's at bay by boosting levels of a neurotransmitter, according to results from an animal study.

More pesticides found in Coca-Cola, PepsiCo drinks, says India study

Soft drinks belonging to PepsiCo and Coca-Cola in India were contaminated with pesticides at an average 24 times higher than the government's proposed maximum limit, warns a new environmental group study.

Kagome enters Chinese juice market

Japan's biggest juice maker, Kagome, has launched four pure juices in Shanghai, as it sets about creating a leading position in the country's premium juice market.

Britain's ale brewers bring wine tasting to beer

Britain's ale brewers are looking to reconnect with consumers by providing tasting notes alongside pints of their beer, a tactic they say has already worked wonders for wine.

Plastic recycling boosted by legislative targets

Driven by tougher waste legislation and set EU targets, the recovery of plastics in the bloc is growing steadily, according to a new report by Applied Market Information (AMI).

S&N slams supermarkets over cheap beer

UK supermarkets are failing to promote responsible drinking by selling too much cheap alcohol, the brewer Scottish & Newcastle has told a Competition Commission investigation.

Blair demands food industry cooperation to tackle obesity

Government cannot be the only actor with responsibility over the current obesity crisis, said UK prime minister Tony Blair in a key note speech on public health yesterday.

Coca-Cola Vietnam destroys perished ingredients

Coca-Cola Vietnam was ordered last week to destroy several tonnes of ingredients in its warehouse found to be past their best before date.

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