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France Under One Roof

Allez les Bleus! Is French wine coming back?

A creeping optimism about France's prospects on the much sought-after UK wine market appeared to be taking hold of several French wine producers and exporters at an industry show this...

Food science recruits on the rise

One of Britain's top universities for food science says interest is growing in the subject, offering the industry hope of beating a severe shortage of recruits.

Soft drinks maker seeks natural fizz, for friendship and more

Product development gurus are increasingly attempting to use consumer trends for natural ingredients and more nutritious beverages to drive growth in the carbonated soft drinks category.

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GM: A healthy debate

The development of genetically modified crops to improve human health could be the golden ticket for advocates to persuade the wary public that GM is not a wholly nefarious idea...

Energy drinks boost US beverage market

Energy drinks last year stormed the US beverage market, outperforming all other categories, while one sports drink inched its way into the nation's top five trade marks by displacing a...

Food packaging to use recycled water bottles

Water bottles will be turned into packaging for food at a proposed €17.6m recycling plant in the UK.

Innovation to boost premium soft drinks, says Britvic

Consumer trends for health and indulgence are expected to drive "significant" growth in premium soft drinks over the next five years, the marketing head of Britvic has said.

Industry calls for long-term direction on emissions trading

UK food and drink companies are part of coalition of government, business and environmental groups, who yesterday issued a manifesto calling on the EU for clearer directions on the bloc's...

FSA continues to drive traffic light labelling

A new TV ad designed to raise awareness of traffic light food labelling was launched yesterday in the UK.

Britvic to launch UK soft drinks report

The highest and mightiest of Britain's soft drinks industry will meet Wednesday to discuss innovation and trends in the sector.

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No excuses for illegal labour

There is no legitimate defence as to why some companies continue to use illegal labour. This isn't the vice trade, this is the food industry: no excuses.

France tightens food and drink advert rules

All adverts for food and drink in France must now carry healthy eating messages or companies will face fines, under rules launched by the government (Thursday) to tackle obesity.

New programme to boost apprenticeships

The UK will create a new programme to boost the number of apprenticeships available in food and drink manufacturing, part of a bid to increase skills levels in the industry.

Opportunity knocks for Fairtrade suppliers

Fairtrade foods are coming in from the fringe with record growth and wider selection, says new research from the UK, highlighting growing advantages for food and drink firms choosing the...

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Turning advertisers into educators

Instead of trying to hide confectionery from children by restricting advertising, chocolate-makers should be encouraging them to make the same health-conscious choices as adults when it comes to confectionery they're...

Food industry slams UK ad ban

The UK food industry has criticised the country's advertising watchdog decision to extend food ad restrictions to young people.

More fibre in coffee than orange juice?

Coffee, a well-established source of antioxidants, may also be a richer source of soluble dietary fibre than orange juice, researchers in Spain have reported.

Wine bluffers rule UK

More than a quarter of young wine drinkers in the UK have pretended to know about wine to impress a date, says new research that unveils some interesting insights on...

Spearmint tea makes women hair free

Women with a condition that makes them grow hair on their breasts, faces and stomachs may find symptoms relieved by drinking a few cups of spearmint tea, new research shows.

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Coming clean in crisis management

In the area of crisis management, companies seem keen to repeat history by making the same mistakes -- over and over again.

Coffee trade talks are on track, insists ICO

A senior official fought back at suggestions that talks to establish a new international agreement to promote coffee consumption and sustainable production have hit problems.

Nestlé plots sustainable coffee in Vietnam

Nestle is to invest in sustainable coffee production within Vietnam in order to protect the quality and competitiveness of its brands in the growing markets of Asia.

Traditional French begin switch to bag-in-box wine

The bag-in-box is finally making inroads into France's traditionally conservative wine market, according to experts who gathered here in Montpellier for a seminar this month.

Legislators vote in favor of five-step waste hierarchy

EU legislators yesterday voted in favour of proposals to introduce a controversial five-stage hierarchy of priority for the bloc's waste management policy.

Nestlé opens factory for the poor in Brazil

Nestle announced it has opened a factory in Brazil to supply milk powder and coffee to low income families there, in yet another sign of ethics becoming big business.

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