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South of France wine brand gets green light

The 'South of France' wine brand, covering thousands of producers in France's biggest wine region, is set to hit supermarkets next year as winemakers look to regroup against the New...

Bottle case packer cuts costs, reduces damage

A new case packing machine for bottles can help processors speed up production lines and cut costs, its manufacturer claims.

PET recycling rates increase across EU

European post-consumer polyethylene terephthalate (PET) collection recycling rates reached 796,000 tonnes in 2005, a 15.1 per cent increase over the previous year, according to a trade association.

EU ministers set for wine reform showdown

Plans for radical reform of Europe's ailing wine sector will be debated openly by EU member states for the first time Tuesday, with opposing blocs already emerging.

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Sex, pills and bad information

The Internet is offering a wealth of information to more and more people, but also an avenue for irresponsible businesses to exploit consumer health concerns.

Beer industry to profit from new brewing science degree

A new brewing science degree in the UK aims to help beer firms around the world improve their businesses, from sustainable production to the perfect pint.

Global warming could ruin California wine, help France

Huge swathes of California's wine areas may disappear by 2050 if world temperatures continue to rise at their current rate, warn two separate studies on wine and global warming.

Nestlé to build new US beverage factory

Swiss food giant Nestlé has announced plans to open a $359m (€281.9m) factory and distribution centre in Indianapolis, to cater for rising demand for its ready-to-drink beverages.

Caffeine could protect against memory loss

University of Birmingham researchers have reported that caffeine can boost nerve cell activity in the brain, potentially protecting against memory loss.

Britain's CO2 shortage not a threat to fizzy drinks

Britain's soft drinks industry has played down concerns that the UK is facing a shortage of carbon dioxide, the essential bubble maker in fizzy drinks from Coke to cider.

Top firms embrace recycled PET bottles in UK

Recycled packaging has become a more viable option in the UK, according to three leading firms spanning soft drinks, food retailing and cosmetics, who have been trialling products and gauging...

Food and drink sectors among top spenders on environment

The UK's food, beverage and tobacco producers spent the mostcompared to other industries on meeting environmental protection requirements,according to new statistics released by the government.

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Organic food is selfish

The rise of organic food is a knee-jerk reaction to consumer health fears, and threatens to unhelpfully steer us away from improving the quality of food generally.

Codex sets new standards for lead, cadium

The Codex Alimentarius Commission has set new internationalstandards on maximum allowed levels of contaminants, including lead, cadmium,and aflatoxins.

Tea linked to lower risk of bile stones and cancer

Drinking at least one cup of tea a day could cut the risk of cancer in the gallbladder and bile ducts by about 40 per cent, suggests a population-based study...

Irish health groups demand clamp down on junk food ads

The National Heart Alliance (NHA) and Irish Heart Foundation (IHF) have joined calls for tougher action on food marketing to kids.

Three charged over Coca-Cola trade secrets theft

Three people have been arrested in America for stealing top secret documents from Coca-Cola and attempting to sell them to its arch-rival, PepsiCo.

UK food industry responds to food marketing proposals

A coalition of UK food, soft drink and advertising industries have signed and submitted a response to Ofcom's consultation on food marketing to children.

Britvic tests out soft drinks concepts

Britvic has appointed consultant group Nunwood to carry out product and concept testing into a new range of innovative soft drinks, as the firm looks to keep up with changing...

Rosé wine sales rocket

Once derided as a poor relation of real wine, sales of rosé have rocketed across Britain and France over the last few years as consumers look to expand their taste...

Sweetener safety major concern for most Americans, report

Almost two thirds of Americans are concerned about the safety of artificial sweeteners, a factor that could potentially impact the expected continued growth of the sugar-free market, according to a...

Pomegranate juice could slow prostate cancer growth

Drinking a glass of pomegranate juice every day could slow the growth of prostate cancer, researchers have reported for the first time.

Slovenia backs EU plans to drain wine lake

As French, Italian and Spanish winemakers debate life without wine lakes, producers in one of Europe's smallest wine nations say they should not foot the bill for others' mistakes.

Diploma courses to boost skills levels in UK food sector

Specialised diploma courses for various manufacturing segments of the food industry will be created in the UK, part of a bid to increase the skills levels in the industry.

Vodka war splits EU

Squabbling over what ingredients can be used to make true vodka threatens to hold up European Commission proposals to tighten the definition of spirit drinks.

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