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EU to remove restrictions on packaging sizes

Companies will soon have the freedom to choose the size of packaging they use for most oftheir products, after a set of restrictive rules were abolished yesterday by EU ministers.

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When vegetables become victims

The demonisation of spinach following last week's E.coli outbreak could give salad-dodgers the excuse they have been looking for to skimp on their recommended five to nine portions of fruit...

UK regulator plans to reduce compliance costs

The UK's food regulator plans to slice millions of euros off the administration costs faced bybusinesses in complying with safety regulations, leaving operators with more money in their pockets.

Mexican sugar substitute makes it to UK shelves

Diabetics and weight watchers are set to benefit from the release of a new natural alternative to sugar going on sale in leading UK retailer Tesco this week.

Blackcurrants fight hospital superbug, studies show

British blackcurrants, used to make the country's popular Ribena soft drink, may offer a range of health benefits and could protect against hospital superbug MRSA, recent research shows.

Food scientists burrow deeper into industry issues

Food scientists are burrowing down into the molecular level of processing, finding new solutionsto industry's manufacturing problems, according to organisers here at a conference.

EU ministers take wine reform plunge

Winemakers across Europe were a step closer to ripping out their vines last night after European agriculture ministers agreed in principle to radical reform of the wine sector.

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The functional food fudge

In today's competitive food industry, healthy products mean healthy sales but the scramble to keep up with the obesity backlash can have dangerous repercussions.

Bulk imports could beat wine bottle waste

Importing wine to Britain in bulk and bottling it in lighter glass would save money and help the environment, says a recycling agency, which has signed up supermarkets and wine...

Bottled water beats cancer in lab study

A little-known bottled water from Scotland may help to stop cancer cells spreading, a study has found, giving the drink a unique potential in healthy beverage trends.

Canada pushing forward with traceability

Canada's government is offering US$1.5m in financial help to the country's struggling meat sector in a bid get traceability programs on track.

New French wine appellations unhelpful, say critics

French wine authorities have been criticised for creating three more appellation contrôlée wine areas at a time when France is trying to simplify its wine offering to consumers.

Coca-Cola flies the flag in Afghanistan

Coca-Cola has returned to war-torn Afghanistan with a gleaming $25m factory, calling the country a 'missing link' in its international business.

Green tea cuts risk of death, study

Drinking several cups of green tea every day could cut peoples' risk of death from a range of diseases, but does not appear to lower the chances of getting cancer,...

Nestlé to build fresh factory for Nespresso

Soaring demand for espresso coffee in Europe will see Nestlé spend almost €95m to open a new production and distribution centre for its Nespresso drink by 2008.

China to start making ice wine

China's biggest wine producer Changyu has set up an alliance with Canadian ice wine maker Aolos to build what is expected to be the largest ice wine estate in the...

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Sweet nothing for global trade

The transition to the new EU sugar regime is a reminder of what was lost when the Doha round of WTO trade talks collapsed.

Strong EU exports driving stable food and drink industry

Increased exports of certain food and drink products have revived the industry and helped to achieve an impressive trade balance.

USDA proposal could redefine grass-fed meat

Plans by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) to expand the definition of grass-fed animals, has caused concern in the industry that the growing market for organic pastured meats could...

Saint-Gobain grabs at South American wine

In a bid to capitalise on the booming South American wine industry, Saint-Gobain has purchased control of one of the regions largest wine bottling companies.

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The truth is out there, in the middle ground

Food can polarise opinion more than most issues, but can we please have some balance and debate, rather than mudslinging and crop burning to get to the truth?

Bottled water sellers face lawsuit deadline

Lawyers in the US have warned they will sue any US retailer that has failed to recall, by the end of this week, bottled water found to contain cancer-causing bromate...

Fruit and veg juice may reduce Alzheimer's risk

Drinking three glasses of fruit or vegetable juice a week could cut the risk of Alzheimer's disease by a whopping 75 per cent, according to a population based study from...

France jittery as wine harvest begins

As French winemakers prepare for the annual rush to pull in this year's grape harvest, anyone who does not own a Chateau is looking cautiously ahead at another year of...

Bottled water is safe, say producers

Bottled water firms have refuted the latest contamination scare to hit the soft drinks industry, saying their products are safe from cancer-causing bromate in the US.

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