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Unpasteurised juice poses serious health risk, says FDA

Untreated juices are still causing serious outbreaks of foodborne illness across America, according to the US Food and Drug Administration, warning consumers to be extra careful.

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Water wastage syndrome

Praise where praise is due. And it is certainly due for one small-time drinks firm in southern Britain, which is spear-heading answers to global water shortages that threaten to wreak...

Juices to challenge dairy, cereals with heart health benefits

Soft drinks, particularly fruit juices, are set to make a greater contribution to Britons' heart health, as both innovative small businesses and major players roll out new, heart healthy drinks.

Aseptic packing: Capitalise on benefits to beat high costs

To beat the high capital costs of converting to aseptic packaging food processors must first decide how to quickly capitalise on the technology's benefits.

Health benefits drive pomegranate juice sales in UK

Pomegranate juice is set to become one of Britain's most popular fruit juices after recent coverage of the fruit's health benefits prompt consumers to seek out the product.

UK to increase targets for recycling packaging waste

The UK's food processors will come under greater pressure to ship their products in environmentally-friendly materials after government announced a plan to increase minimum recycling targets for glass and plastics...

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Waiting for the super-nutrition revolution

Henry Ford's famous aphorism that if he had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses, provides food makers with a lesson they must learn.

EU countries lax on following packaging waste rules

Although the EU's member states were due to impose tougher laws on recycling packaging waste, only five countries have completed the task, the European Commission said yesterday.

New study unravels human taste perception

Ramifications for food formulation as fundamental research on chocolate smells finds olfaction is uniquely a "dual" sense, in that the brain perceives the same smell molecule differently if it arrives...

Pepsi and co launch soft drinks school ban

Consumer health trends and political pressure have pushed America's soft drinks industry to ban fizzy sodas from elementary schools, and radically reduce their presence in others, in favour of juice,...

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In food makers we trust?

In among the hollers about obesity and the concerns over nutrition, food companies now need to work hard to ensure they clinch public trust, as a matter of insurance. This...

Coffee-diabetes link may be age, weight related

A link between consumption of coffee and caffeine and a risk of type-2 diabetes has been bandied about for some time, but a new research suggests that the relationship may...

Aseptic filling storming soft drinks market

Cott Corporation, the world's biggest supplier of private label soft drinks, will join the growing club of aseptic producers after buying Britain's Macaw group - offering new opportunities for health...

Energy drinks grab bigger share of soft drinks sales

Energy drinks will account for £1 of every £5 spent by Britons on soft drinks this year, according to a new survey by Mintel that reveals the phenomenal growth of this sector.

Five-a-day message boosting UK food makers

More than 700 food brands in the UK are using the government's '5-a-day' logo on packaging or marketing material to promote the health benefits of their fruit or vegetable-based products.

Hike in packing prices due S&P says

Food processors can expect the higher raw material costs hitting packagers to be passed on soon depending on their contracts.

Corn refiners challenge validity of fructose study

The Corn Refiners Association has claimed that a recent study linking fructose in soft drinks with added body fat "mischaracterizes high fructose corn syrup".

Health concerns see UK soft drinks consumption fall

A new report on the UK soft drinks market reveals that the majority of UK soft drinks categories have struggled following poor summer sales in 2004.

Bioinformatics may isolate food allergy proteins

A team of UK scientists will analyse and demonstrate how bioinformatics could help food companies improve their products, from pin-pointing allergy-causing proteins to identifying the cause of batch spoilage.

More evidence coffee may cut risk of liver cancer

Further research backs the theory that drinking coffee could decrease the risk of liver cancer, writes Dominique Patton.

Australia updates laws for growing fortified beverage market

Australia's food regulator, one of the toughest on fortification, looks set to open up the market for calcium and vitamin-enriched cereal beverages, and is also looking at sterols in juices,...

Fructose in soft drinks linked to body fat increase

Drinking large amounts of beverages containing fructose adds body fat, and might explain why sweetening with fructose could be even worse than using other sweeteners, according to a new report.

Energy drinks rescue Russia's FAB Boom

Energising ingredients and more spending on research and development has turned around the fortunes of flavoured alcoholic beverages in Russia, bringing better opportunities and growth forecasts, writes Chris Mercer.

Soft drinks industry mulls voluntary school ban

Coca-Cola, Pepsi and the rest of the soft drinks industry are considering a voluntary ban on carbonated soft drinks in elementary and middle schools following heavy lobbying from health campaigners.

Food scientist sought as journalist

Novis seeks a bright, driven food scientist for a reporter's post in southern France. The main mission is to deepen coverage of scientific breakthroughs in food techniques and nutritional understanding...