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Foster's plays down phylloxera fears

An attack by the feared phylloxera pest on vines owned by Australian drinks group, Foster's, is under control and not a cause for concern, the firm has said.

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Taking the junk out of junk food

The relationship between child and crisp has long been a sacred one but instead of exploiting this dynamic to shovel unhealthy food into young mouths isn't it about time healthier...

Scientists develop low-level B12 test for beverages

Scientists from Reading Scientific Services have developed a method for quantifying vitamin B12 in beverages at lower levels than previously possible, which will enable manufacturers to give more accurate information...

Cider is the new beer in UK

Cider sales have shot up 12 per cent in the UK this year, provisional figures reveal, taking advantage of a stagnant beer market with new varieties and a bigger promotion push.

Collections result in record recycling of steel packaging

Door-to-door collections helped EU countries recycle a record 2.3 million tonnes of steel in 2005, a packaging association claims.

More support for coffee's protective role against diabetes

Drinking a whopping seven or more cups of coffee a day could cut the risk of developing type-2 diabetes by over 40 per cent, say Finnish researchers from the country's...

HFCS set for long-term growth in China

China's corn sweetener producers are embarking on a new stage of growth, with a recent upsurge in capital investment allowing them to offer significant volumes of value-added products.

Cadbury's secret benzene recall

As the makers of Perrier water absorbed the full consumer backlash from recalling drinks containing benzene in the US, Cadbury Schweppes quietly pulled one of its own products for the...

Food science 'gap year' targets UK recruit crisis

A new initiative by a UK supermarket to send students on food discovery 'gap years' around the world aims to help plug a national shortage of food scientists.

Green tea improves blood lipid levels, say scientists

Regular consumption of the antioxidant rich green tea could reduce blood lipid levels and cut the risk of developing heart disease, suggests a small trial from Portugal.

Bioplastics demand experiencing boom in Europe

Demand for bioplastics in Europe has experienced its first boom this year leading to a need formore investments in the sector, says an industry organisation.

Energy drinks market continues to sparkle

West Europe's energy drink sales accelerated by 15 per cent to a volume of 383 million litres and a value of over €3 billion in 2005, according to drinks consultancy Zenith International.

EC calls for greater "responsibility" over new sugar reforms

The sugar industry must take greater responsibility to ensure the successful restructuring of the EU market, said the European Commissioner for agriculture.

Doubts hit FDA handling of benzene in soft drinks

Serious questions remain over how America's food safety watchdog handled the presence of benzene residues in soft drinks, a senior ex-official has said, after tests showed some drinks still contained...

FDF slams 'over the top' food ad ban

The UK's Food and Drink Frederation (FDF) has slammed stringent new restrictions on TV food and drink advertising.

Tea producer is latest to use biodegrable packaging

A French tea producer is the latest company to embrace biodegradable packaging.

Languedoc wine to unite under one AOC

Plans to unite France's Languedoc wine region behind one Appellation Contrôlée banner are set to be officially adopted at a regional industry conference Friday.

Third soft drinks firm settles over benzene lawsuit

Another soft drinks firm has reformulated and agreed to pay out compensation in the US to head off a lawsuit over the potential presence of cancer chemical benzene in its...

EU calls time on India's high spirit tax

EU officials are set to report India to the World Trade Organisation at the end of this week (17th) in a bid get high import tariffs on wine and spirit...

FSA summit plans UK food terror response

Plans to deal with widespread contamination of the UK food supply caused by a terrorist attack have been discussed by industry, food safety and security officials amid concerns at the...

Drinks industry split over online booze cruising

Effects will be mixed for the industry if an EU court allows consumers to use internet shopping to by-pass import tax on alcoholic drinks from other member states, a trade...

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Why climate change cannot be ignored

Ignoring climate change will cost countries billions and lead to food scarcity.

Polyphenol-enriched tea may double cholesterol excretion

Drinking a cup of polyphenol-enriched oolong tea with a high fat meal may increase the amount of cholesterol excreted by the body by half, says a small study from Japan...

Sugary drinks in new cancer link, study

Drinking two sugary soft drinks every day could almost double the chance of pancreatic cancer, warns a new study, landing a fresh blow on soft drinks makers over health.

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Transparency is the key to the science kingdom

In the food and nutrition world, science is king. So when journals do not force scientists to fully disclose financial support and potential conflicts of interest, they are not helping...

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