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Amcor gets its fill


Amcor PET Packaging has won a contract to manufacture a new 0.5 L refill PET bottle for Coca-Cola Germany.

The refill bottle are said to offer an alternative packaging format to small glass bottles and the can and is part of Coca-Cola's response to the recent deposit law in Germany on all affected one-way packaging, which has seen a resurgence of interest in refillable options.


Amcor PET Packaging says the bottle, produced at its Mendig plant in Germany, retains all the characteristics of PET while allowing around 20 trips. The bottle is produced in heavy-PET to enable multi-trip usage but at about 51g, it still weighs significantly less than glass.


"PET is seen by consumers as a modern, distinctive and convenient packaging choice," commented Sven Erler, packaging director, Coca-Cola, Deutschland. "While the material already has a good environmental profile, particularly in terms of its recyclability, our third PET refill size further increases its relevance in the current market climate."


The PET refill bottle was launched in April and towards the end of 2003 it will be available in easy-to-carry plastic crates of 12 bottles in grocery stores. Amcor also says that it expects a pool of over 100 million PET bottles to be built up over the course of the next two years.


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