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'Vomiting Larry' helped norovirus research

By Joe Whitworth , 08-Jan-2013
Last updated on 08-Jan-2013 at 13:19 GMT2013-01-08T13:19:53Z

Vomiting Larry in action. Picture courtesy of HSL

Vomiting Larry in action. Picture courtesy of HSL

The Health & Safety Laboratory has created a simulated vomiting system, dubbed “Vomiting Larry”, to study the extent of contamination from Norovirus.

The humanoid simulated vomiting system, designed and developed at the UK-based laboratory, aims to help researchers demonstrate and identify the extent of contamination during projectile vomiting by a Norovirus sufferer.

Last week the UK Health Protection Agency (HPA) said norovirus cases have risen 72% from this time last year.

HSL said studies show that Norovirus can be isolated from small droplets at concentrations capable of causing an infection, which might highlight why the virus is transmitted between people so readily.

They found that small droplets can spread over three metres from the "Larry" system.

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