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Probiotic Lactobacillus reuteri NCIMB 30242 (LRC™) for Heart Health Benefits

UAS Labs | 05-Jun-2017 | PDF Technical / white paper
Lactobacillus reuteri NCIMB 30242, or LRC™, is the world's most effective and clinically documented heart health probiotic strain. It has...

Successful beverage delivery systems for every age

Gelita AG | 22-May-2017 | PDF Technical / white paper
The importance of adequate fluid intake for a healthy and active life is well understood, and drinking a variety of beverages is part of...

Strategic Nutrition for Heart Health-Part II

Fortitech® Premixes by DSM | 15-May-2017 | PDF Technical / white paper
Consumers are increasingly shopping for heart healthy products. Identify nutrients that can 
help differentiate your products and learn h...

Organic Bitter Blocker Makes Stevia Taste Like Sucrose

GLG Life Tech Corporation | 05-Apr-2017 | PDF Data sheet
Have you always wanted to use stevia but found the taste to be too bitter? This research will change the way you look at stevia forever.T...

Zemea® USP-FCC Propanediol for Beverages

DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products | 20-Mar-2017 | PDF Application note
The effect of Zemea® USP-FCC propanediol on the flavor of various food and beverage products was studied. Testing was conducted on orange...

Meeting the taste challenge in low calorie beverages

Cargill | 29-Mar-2017 | Webinar On-Demand Supplier Webinar
Today’s consumers are more health conscious than ever before. They strive to reduce calories while consuming the food and beverages they...
Sugar Reduction & Sweeteners 2017

Bitter Sweet: Do low calorie sweeteners help or hinder weight management and appetite control?

William Reed Business Media | 29-Mar-2017 | Webinar On-Demand Supplier Webinar
Low calorie sweeteners have been a hotly debated topic in the world of nutrition and health for years. Despite a wealth of evidence that...

Making sugar-replacement meaningful to the consumer

Beneo | 29-Mar-2017 | Webinar On-Demand Supplier Webinar
Every third consumer in Europe cuts sugar because of health reasons. Sugar reduction and replacement are important tactics to fight the...
Sugar Reduction & Sweeteners 2017

Roundtable discussion: Can sugar survive a public health crisis?

William Reed Business Media | 29-Mar-2017 | Webinar On-Demand Supplier Webinar
‘Globesity’ gets more critical every day – but people still crave the sweets, snacks and desserts they have loved for so long.How are com...

Find the sweet spot in sugar replacement

Ingredion | 01-Mar-2017 | PDF Technical / white paper
All sweeteners have different taste profiles. An in-depth understanding of how each one affects reduced sugar food and beverage products...
1 to 10 of 139 results Page 1 2 3 > Results per page

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