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KHS launches Innopouch K-400

By Jenny Eagle+


Innopouch K-400

Innopouch K-400

KHS has launched the Innopouch K-400, available as an FS (fill and seal) or FFS (form, fill and seal) machine.

The Innopouch K-400 is a horizontal pouching machine which operates cyclically, with a separate station for each stage in the pouch forming and filling processes. The FS technology has prefabricated pouches from a pouch magazine and the FFS machine makes and fills the pouches.

The equipment can fill pouches with dry products from chunky goods like herbal candies and dry food to finely ground powders, such as baking powder or ground coffee.

The system makes or forms stand-up, flat and bottom gusset pouches from film laminate. It can run in both simplex (one pouch per machine cycle) and duplex (two pouches per machine cycle) operation.

In simplex operation pouches can have a width of 125mm to 400mm and a height varying between 125mm and 380mm. In duplex operation the maximum pouch width is reduced to 200mm. Pouches may weigh up to 2.3kg.

The Innopouch K-400 can run at up to 70 cycles a minute.

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