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Meeting the taste challenge in low calorie beverages

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Today’s consumers are more health conscious than ever before. They strive to reduce calories while consuming the food and beverages they like, as taste remains a very important driver in their purchase decisions. But achieving great taste in calorie reduced- and no-added-sugar applications can be challenging. While stevia-based sweeteners have fast become the high-intensity sweetener favorite in the food and beverage industry, certain applications are tricky. It’s especially challenging to reach sugar-reduction targets – and achieve optimal taste and sweetness – when using stevia-based sweeteners at higher usage levels. But Cargill has discovered the key to unlocking precision sweetness, bringing optimal taste and sweetness to your reduced and zero-calorie formulations. And isn’t that exactly what your consumers crave?

To support the food and beverage industry, Cargill delivers a full range of sweetness solutions, and offers an extensive sweetness expertise, to assist the industry meet consumers’ needs and to help customers’ business thrive. Want to know more…?


  • Frank Maus

    Segment Manager Special Sweeteners


  • Michael vom Dorp

    Michael vom Dorp

    Technical Service Manager Specialty