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The FoodNavigator-USA Beverage Entrepreneurs to watch Forum

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The FoodNavigator-USA Beverage Entrepreneurs to watch Forum

Once a staple in lunchboxes and at dinner tables across America, sugary and artificially sweetened sodas have fallen out of favor as consumers have fine-tuned their health and wellness goals. But in their place a bevy of innovative options have emerged from functional and enhanced water to cold-pressed juices and plant waters. Likewise, black coffee served with cream and sugar now must compete with kombucha, an ever-increasing variety of tea and cold-brew coffee to help keep Americans alert and energized.  To explore these shifts as well as what emerging consumer trends the most successful beverage brands are tapping into and how they are overcoming formulation challenges and distribution nightmares, we’ve lined up some of the most innovative – and tenacious – players in the beverage category along with a leading industry analyst.

In our forum, moderated by FoodNavigator-USA Senior Correspondent Elizabeth Crawford, we will discuss:

  • The current beverage landscape and how it compares to the recent past as well as where it is headed.
  • What is the next “it” beverage category?
  • What’s next for the highly-popular juice segment?
  • How innovations in dairy milk are standing up against the rising popularity of plant-based alternatives.


  • Ann Yang

    Ann Yang


    Misfit Juicery

  • Blake Waltrip

    Blake Waltrip


    The a2 Milk Company

  • David Smith

    David Smith

    CEO and Founder

    High Brew Coffee

  • Elizabeth Crawford

    Elizabeth Crawford

    Senior Correspondent


  • Eric Penicka

    Eric Penicka

    Research analyst

    Euromonitor International

  • Philip Wong

    Philip Wong


    Misfit Juicery