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Beverage Innovation 2016

Beverage Innovation 2016

February 18th, 2016

From drinking vinegar to cold brew coffee, HPP juices and kombucha, the beverage market is a hotbed of innovation.

In our free-to-attend online Beverage Innovation Summit, FoodNavigator-USA and BeverageDaily have brought together market researchers, retailers, and the founders of some of the most successful beverage brands in the trade to talk about what categories are growing, what trends they are tapping into, what distinguishes the winners from the losers, how to build distribution, and how to finance and grow a beverage business.

Conference programme webinars:
BI16-WRBM1-WC-Food-2016-Entrepreneurs to watch

Entrepreneurs to watch - by William Reed Business Media

Chris Campell - Chameleon Cold-Brew, Elaine Watson - FoodNavigator USA, Eric Green - Dust Cutter Beverage, Robert Kral - Protein2o, Ryan Emmons - Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water, Sheryl O'Loughlin - Rebbl

Whether it’s a new ingredient, novel technology, or different way of looking at established categories,...

BI16-Virun-WC-Food-2016-Manufacturing the next generation of supplements, foods and beverages?

Manufacturing the next generation of supplements, foods and beverages? - by VIRUN®

Philip James Bromley - Virun Nutrabiosciences

Join CEO and Co-founder, Philip Bromley as he takes you on a virtual tour into...

BI16-WRBM3-WC-Food-2016-TREND-WATCHING PANEL What’s hot, what’s not, what’s next?

TREND-WATCHING PANEL What’s hot, what’s not, what’s next? - by William Reed Business Media

Elaine Watson - FoodNavigator USA, Hal Kravitz - Aquahydrate, Howard Telford - Euromonitor, Mathis Martines - Kroger, Tom Vierhile - Canadean Consumer

What are the fastest-growing beverage categories and what consumer trends are successful firms tapping into? Hear...

BI16-WRBM2-WC-Food-2016-Keynote presentation

Keynote presentation: Suja Juice - by William Reed Business Media

Jeff Church - Suja Juice, Rachel Arthur - BeverageDaily

Suja’s progress has been nothing short of meteoric, generating revenues of $18m in 2013, more...

BI16-Glanbia-WC-Food-2016-On-The-Go Breakfast – Optimal Beverage Solutions

On-The-Go Breakfast - Optimal Beverage Solutions - by GLANBIA NUTRITIONALS INC.

Elaine Drummond, PhD - Glanbia Nutritionals, Vicky Fligel, MBA - Glanbia Nutritionals

Breakfast is an underserved area for beverages, but with the influx of consumers with busy...

BI16-Ingredion-WC-Food-2016-FOAMATION® foaming agents: more foam for less

FOAMATION® foaming agents: more foam for less - by Ingredion

Dinah Diaz - Ingredion Incorporated, Donna Brooks - Ingredion Incorporated

Deliver memorable eating and drinking experiences with long-lasting thick foams and froths. Naturally sourced FOAMATION®foaming...

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