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Steviva Brands: New stevia syrup is ‘magic bullet’ beverage sweetener


By Ben Bouckley+

Last updated on 29-Jan-2013 at 13:25 GMT2013-01-29T13:25:12Z

Picture Copyright: Reggie35/Flickr

Picture Copyright: Reggie35/Flickr

Steviva Brands has launched a new stevia-based syrup blend designed to replace high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) in beverages, and claims it is a no added sugar ‘magic bullet’ for sweetening drinks.

The Oregon-based company claims that the syrup is all-natural, GMO-free and has an identical mouthfeel and flavor profile to HFCS; it is designed to replace HFCS 55 (approximately 55% fructose, 42% glucose, small amounts of other carbohydrates, the principal blend used in beverages).

Thom King, Steviva Brands president, said that beverage producers faced the challenge of cutting calories while delivering traditional soft drink flavor and mouthfeel.

“Flavor matching, including replicating the sweetness temporal profile of HFCS, is critical for consumers to switch from regular sodas to diet drinks,” King said.

“Because this syrup is optimized to provide sweetness and body, it is a no-added sugar ‘magic bullet’ for sweetening beverages,” he added.

Mouthfeel match with HFCS

Steviva Brands said its new sweetener is a proprietary combination of extracts, natural flavors and thickeners, which gave a mouthfeel identical to HFCS and a sweet flavor profile with no aftertaste.

“Stevia is shelf stable and pH stable, making this blend ideally suited for acidic product like soft drinks. Its flavor pairs especially well with colas, though it’s natural enough to work with other profiles as well,” King said.

While HFCS had four calories and zero fiber per gram, the firm said its product supplied 30 calories and six grams of fiber per 100g.

The ingredient is made using a proprietary water extraction process, Steviva said, which meant there were no residual solvents or petrochemicals.

Steviva Brands describes itself as one of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of stevia-based sweeteners and other bulk ingredient sweeteners.

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Softdrinks With Stevia

This comment is directed to Dr. Ivan K. Ryan. We feel your pain. Chemical sweeteners are not a good option. However, I can tell you that we have had several inquiries from soft drink companies regarding our line of stevia sweeteners and I would project you will see a stevia sweetened soft drink in the next 6 months. We have also secured distribution in Canada so it will just a matter of time. Thanks for your patience Dr. Ryan.

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Posted by Thom King
01 May 2013 | 16h512013-05-01T16:51:31Z

Sick of lies by big companies

As a borderline diabetic, I am fed up with waiting for someone to make a drink sweetened with stevia. They keep telling us about it but never keep their word. I am a nutrition counselor with many clients. So far the only drink worthwhile is water. The chemical sweeteners (sucralose and aspartame) suck. I am in Canada and we are always ignored. When will this change? Dr Ivan K Ryan

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Posted by Dr Ivan K Ryan
29 January 2013 | 19h592013-01-29T19:59:26Z

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