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Drinktec 2013: Live from the show floor

'Lights, Camera, Drinktec TV!' Machine trends and ingredients insight

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By Ben Bouckley+

Last updated on 20-Sep-2013 at 13:35 GMT2013-09-20T13:35:09Z

Tania Higgins presents Drinktec TV live from show floor in Munich, September 2013
Tania Higgins presents Drinktec TV live from show floor in Munich, September 2013

DrinkTec TV introduces the European Beer Star award winners, discusses 2013 launches for Europe's oldest soft drinks brand, Sinalco, then hones in on ingredients, talking natural colors with Dohler and the intriguing use of 'audio branding' in communications.

"Audio branding describes the strategic way of using sound in brand communications, like in TV commercials or at the point of sale," Rainer Hirt, senior partner at Audio Branding Academy, tells Tania Higgins from DrinkTec TV, which is broadcast by show organizer Messe München.

"Product acoustics are a part of this brand experience, when you think of opening a can or a companies and brands can use acoustic branding to position a new form of communication within their strategy," Hirt adds.

You can watch more content online via a dedicated DrinkTec TV YouTube channel , where in the first two videos shot at this year's show in Munich, Tania Higgins interviews Reinhard Pfeiffer, MD of Messe München, and Volker Kronseder, CEO of Krones.

Experts from leading companies including Nestal, Alfa Laval and Ball Packaging also give us a lowdown on the latest machinery trends and technologies.

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Julian Treasure TEDx Talk

I think Julian Treasure explains audio branding brilliantly in his talk here, where he talks about 8 expressions of a brand in sound:

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Posted by Fred
26 September 2013 | 20h122013-09-26T20:12:42Z

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