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Intelligrated: Automation explosion due to high labour costs

High health care costs, a lack of interest in repetitive manual labour and rising worker wages has led to an explosion of automated machinery, according to Intelligrated.

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PepsiCo eyes expansion with new AMEA CEO

PepsiCo has appointed a new chief executive officer for the Asia, Middle East and Africa (AMEA) region as it aims to bolster penetration in the region.

PureCircle: Next generation Reb D and Reb X stevia sweeteners ready for commercialization in 2014

Leading stevia supplier PureCircle says “investments and assets are in place from agriculture to manufacturing” to be ready to commercialize two next generation stevia products - Reb D and Reb...

Coke Misses Cut in Forbes List: Top 10 Most Innovative Beverage Firms

There’s no place for Coke in the Forbes 2013 list of The World’s Top 100 Most Innovative Companies, with Starbucks leading the beverage pack above Pernod Ricard and Beam Inc.

TOP Packaging expert believes time could be ripe for patented technology

PepsiCo explores smell: the undiscovered drinks frontier...

A top packaging expert suspects the 'timing is coming good' for beverage packaging that encapsulate smells to woo consumers after PepsiCo’s patent filing seeking US protection in this field.


PepsiCo seeks US patent to encapsulate beverage aromas within packaging

PepsiCo is seeking to patent a method of encapsulating aromas within beverage packaging to entice US consumers with ‘favorable aromas’ before they drink, say, juices or coffees.

Mountain Dew Kickstart generated more than $100m in first year, says PepsiCo

PepsiCo’s new energizing juice drink Mountain Dew Kickstart has generated more than $100m in sales in its first year, bosses at PepsiCo revealed yesterday.

Energy… minus the caffeine? PepsiCo explores Chinese herbal extracts for fatigue relief, patent application reveals

PepsiCo is exploring the potential of natural energy drinks containing Chinese herbal extracts that can alleviate fatigue and enhance sports performance without a big dose of caffeine, a patent application...


Fixing the fizz: Something's sticky in the state of US soda...

So who'll clear up the mess? Big soda is unfairly shouldering the brunt of the blame for the US obesity epidemic, and the industry is fighting a losing battle to...

Beverage brands meet Facebook fans: Top 5 amusing moments, from Jim Beam to Qream

Platforms like Facebook allow brands such as Jim Beam, Coke and Qream to connect with consumers directly and engage them in brand-related banter, often with amusing consequences, as our gallery...

Energy drinks in c-stores: Strong summer for Red Bull, Monster, NOS, Full Throttle, weaker performance from AMP, Rockstar

The energy drink category - which did not set the world on fire in most other retail channels this summer - posted 7.4% dollar sales growth in the US convenience...

Wells Fargo: ‘We’re increasingly concerned about the continued underperformance of Dr Pepper Snapple Group’s TEN platform’

It was a dismal summer in the US soft drinks aisles, with dollar sales of diet/low calorie soda plunging 7.1% in the four weeks to August 3 vs the same...


Pepsi boosts ‘brand vision’ with Beyoncé bottle in Italy

PepsiCo will use Rexam’s Fusion aluminum bottle for its limited edition Beyoncé design because of its shape and the potential for high definition printing, and Jim Beam has redesigned its...

Emerging market healthy food 'faux pas': Too much pleasure, too soon

“The most common mistake by western fast moving consumer good (FMCG) companies who launch new food and beverage brands in emerging markets is that they jump straight in to a...

News in brief

US man bathes in 300+ cans of ‘poppling’ Pepsi MAX

A US man has taken a bath in 300+ cans of Pepsi MAX, in what must count of one of the more unusual uses for the cola and an act...

Quaker shifts away from cereal with Jamba Juice partnership

PepsiCo’s Quaker brand sees potential in oats beyond breakfast and has struck a deal with smoothie retailer Jamba Juice.


‘Mine’s a Rum and Coke’: 5 Classic Carbonates in Literary History

From Decio Pignatari’s ‘concrete poem’ Bebe Coca-Cola to a 2004 English novel called, err, Pepsi and Maria, literary mentions of the US’s top-selling soft drinks are legion, but when has...

You'll sell more sports nutrition products targeting fitness walkers and yoga enthusiasts than team sports players, says Packaged Facts

Sports nutrition marketers have traditionally focused on young men, sports teams and hardcore athletes. In future, however, they will need to spend more time targeting women, weekend warriors and consumers...


$80bn Mondelez snacks splurge ‘too risky’ for PepsiCo – CFO

PepsiCo CFO Hugh Johnston says the firm is not interested in buying Mondelez for a premium price of $80bn due to integration risks and dubious value for his firm’s shareholders....

Crown Holdings CEO coy on PepsiCo beverage spin-off rumors

The chair of can giant Crown Holdings was tight-lipped when asked about the impact on the packaging industry if PepsiCo chose to spun-off its beverage business as 'activist-investor' Nelson Peltz...

Mondelez buy could fizz Pepsi's flat soda sales, says investor

PepsiCo should acquire Mondelez and split its beverage and snacks businesses, according to an investor with a large stake in both firms.


PepsiCo brand Naked Juice cuts ‘all natural’ claim after $9m US payout

PepsiCo brand Naked Juice will stop using ‘all natural’ to describe its products due to lack of detailed regulatory guidance around the word ‘natural’, after agreeing to settle a class...

Analyst fears for long-term health of PepsiCo beverages business

A top financial analyst is skeptical about the long-term viability of PepsiCo’s new ‘hybrid everyday value’ US pricing structure given Coke’s apparent bid to ‘aggressively out-promote’ the strategy.


Tropicana’s ‘pure and natural’ OJ headache persists

PepsiCo brand Tropicana has failed in its bid to dismiss a US class action that claims it falsely labeled its orange juice as ‘100% pure and natural’ despite pasteurization, processing,...


'Relight my (Cola) Fire?' FDA approves PureCircle Reb D stevia

The US FDA has issued a ‘No Objection’ GRAS letter allowing beverage manufacturers to use Pure Circle’s high-purity Reb D stevia to sweeten US products, a move that could reignite...

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