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Coke and Pepsi shifting bottling assets to build brands in 2013: Rabobank analyst

The Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo are looking to shift bottling assets onto strong franchise partners in order to refocus in house efforts on brand building and marketing.

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Draws Advocacy Fire

Coke stresses US health ‘mission’ after AND draws advocacy fire

The Coca-Cola Company tells it is fully committed to improving US health by partnering groups such as the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND), after an advocacy report claimed...

FDA: Brominated vegetable oil (BVO), is safe, so removing its interim status is ‘not a priority’

While brominated vegetable oil (BVO) has been sitting on a list of food additives “permitted on an interim basis pending further study” for decades, it is not in ‘regulatory limbo’...

PepsiCo cuts flame retardant BVO from US Gatorade but not Mountain Dew

A 16-year-old student is claiming victory after PepsiCo announced it will remove emulsifier Brominated Vegetable Oil (BVO) from Gatorade in the US, but the firm says it will continue to...

PepsiCo outstripping Coke in UK sugar-free cola sales share?

PepsiCo is significantly ahead of Coke in terms of the share of its UK cola sales in low or no calorie versions, the latest figures sent to suggest.

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PepsiCo signs Burger King supply deal in China

PepsiCo has signed a deal that confirms it as the strategic beverage supplier for all Burger King’s (BK’s) restaurants across China, via franchise bottler Pepsi Beverage Business (PBB).

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Manjushree Technopack sets out growth plans

Packaging firm Manjushree Technopack aims to double sales by 2015, driven by the growth of the middle class in India, and is poised to start construction on a fourth factory.

Pepsi v. Coca-Cola: Soda heavyweights wage Facebook war

Increasingly, the Pepsi v. Coke cola fight is raging within the social media space, as well as in factories and between brands in stores. But who is delivering that Facebook...

If you like it then you should have put a ring (pull) on it... CSPI to Beyonce: Stop promoting Pepsi Cola, you're 'literally sickening Americans'

Non-profit watchdog the Center for Science in the Public Interest has urged Beyoncé to reconsider her $50m endorsement deal with PepsiCo so her image is not used “to promote Pepsi-Cola,...

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‘Drinkifying snacks’: PepsiCo mush or master stroke?

Despite giving us object lessons in corporate word wash, can PepsiCo pull off what seems like a slightly puzzling mission, namely a long-term plan to ‘drinkify' snacks and vice versa...


PepsiCo embraces Apple’s ‘game changing’ iPad and iPhone tech

PepsiCo says that its merchandising and distribution efficiency has improved radically since it began using the Apple iPhone and iPad alongside custom software apps specially developed in house.

Aspartame must share US Diet Pepsi sweetness spoils with Ace-K in new system

PepsiCo has tweaked its US sweetening formula for Diet Pepsi to include acesulfame potassium as well as aspartame, a combination that Ajinomoto admitted today would boost the cola's sweetness potency.

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Pepsi-Chicken chips winging-it in China

PepsiCo has launched Pepsi Cola and chicken-flavored potato chips in China and cited the popularity of cola chicken in China, with consumers tossing chicken wings with cola.


Mid-calorie carbonates won’t check US soda fall – BMC predicts

Beverage Marketing Corporation (BMC), data and research group head, Gary Hemphill, does not think mid-calorie CSDs like Dr. Pepper TEN and Pepsi NEXT can restore the overall category’s ailing fortunes....

‘Stop deceiving consumers on BVO’: 180,000+ signature petition tells Gatorade

A US student who launched an online petition demanding that PepsiCo brand Gatorade remove patented flame retardant brominated vegetable oil (BVO) from its sports drinks has gained over 180,000 signatories.

PepsiCo needs emerging market focus to repair margins: US investment firm

A US-based investment firm insists that PepsiCo needs to focus on its most profitable brands and emerging markets such as China to bolster margins and regain ground on Coke. 

$5bn PepsiCo-Tingyi ‘behemoth’ = harder Chinese beverage market: Rabobank

PepsiCo’s tie-up with top Chinese beverage player Tingyi, given the green light in March, will significantly reduce growth opportunities for smaller market rivals, according to Martin Wu from Rabobank.

Experts don't buy new Pepsi’s fat-busting claims

“I know what people are thinking as they head out for a Big Mac, large fries and cola: why not make it a lighter meal and opt for diet- or...

Pepsi blesses Barr Britvic Soft Drinks birth

AG Barr and Britvic insist on the ‘compelling commercial and industrial logic’ of an all-share merger to create one of the top soft drinks companies in Europe with a turnover...

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PepsiCo expects center to speed innovation in China

PepsiCo has officially opened a food and beverage innovation center in China to serve as a hub of product, packaging and equipment innovation for the business throughout Asia.


Coke, Pepsi face ‘massive’ future dairy sourcing challenge – Rabobank analyst

The Coca-Cola Company, PepsiCo and other firms riding the convergence wave marrying soft drinks to dairy face massive future commodity sourcing challenges.

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PepsiCo donates to impoverished US families

PepsiCo has joined forces with Feed The Children, Walmart and Central Union Mission to distribute food, drink and personal care products to 800 impoverished families in Washington DC.

PepsiCo savors $363m US tax triumph over IRS

PepsiCo has won a US Tax Court judgment against the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) which claimed the firm owed it circa. $363m in unpaid tax relating to operations in...

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Stevia sweetened Pepsi NEXT hits Australia in cola first

Pepsi NEXT has been launched in Australia, but intriguingly the drink has been formulated with stevia for this market to achieve a 30% sugar reduction, rather than the 60% effected...

PepsiCo president seizes 'once in lifetime' chance to fly new firm

PepsiCo says it feels sadness after the sudden resignation of president John Compton, who has left the firm to pursue a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity as CEO of Pilot...