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Danone agrees Frucor sale

The Asian arm of Danone has agreed to sell off Australasian energy drink brand Frucor to Suntory as part of a €600m restructuring of its operations.

Nestle, Danone, Highland team up to protect bottled water

The three leading UK suppliers of bottled water have created a new group designed to spread the word on the economic and social value of their product, amidst continuing...

Court favours Danone in 'cancer water' case

A court in Argentina has dismissed allegations against Danone that it had engaged in unfair trade practices in the country against rival Coca-Cola.

Danone restructures senior management

Danone yesterday announced a major restructuring of its senior management as it continues to refocus its operations towards being a leading player in health and nutrition.

Danone spills details on Chinese Evian scare

Danone revealed yesterday that five containers of its Evian bottled water have been detained in China after failing quality control testing.

Knives come out in Danone China dispute

The ongoing spat between French giant Danone and Chinese business partner Wahaha is no longer a laughing matter with the multinational threatening to go to the court over the disagreement.

Wahaha rebuffs Danone's advances

Chinese beverage group Wahaha has hit out at plans by business partner Danone to acquire the groups remaining assets.

Danone loses appeal in EU cartel case

France's Danone must pay a €42m fine for its role in a cartel in Belgium, an EU court has ruled, backing Commission plans to get tough on repeat offenders.

Danone signs Danish bottled water deal

Danone has signed a deal to buy 49 per cent of Danish bottled water company Aqua d'or, in an attempt to improve the group's position in an increasingly competitive bottled...

Danone plots takeover trail

French food giant Danone has built up a war chest of up to €1bn to spend on acquisitions over the next three to five years, according to a report.

Danone cashing in on new products, markets

Emerging markets and new 'health products' helped Danone to continue its strong sales growth in the second quarter of 2006, though the group has struggled to turn around losses on...

Zidane to join team Danone?

Yes, that's right. Freshly retired French footballer Zinedine Zidane may yet be selected to join the board of dairy, water and biscuit giant Danone, says a report.

Danone dumps US water business

French water and dairy firm Danone has signed a deal to get rid of its troublesome water cooler business in the US, though not without taking one last hit.

Danone seeks calm in Volvic contamination scare

Danone has sought to calm customers after two bottles of Volvic water were found to contain traces of potentially harmful chemical Napthalene, threatening UK sales.

Added value seals Danone sales rise

Added value dairy and soft drinks lead Danone to a sales rise in the third quarter, but the firm is banking on a new pricing and innovation strategy to re-ignite...

PepsiCo bid for Danone, pure speculation

French food and drink giant, Groupe Danone, has acknowledged US PepsiCo's denial of takeover plans, as the French government threatens to do everything in its power to stop such a...

Water charge batters Danone profits

Another write-down charge hits French firm Danone, taking the gloss off a rise in dairy and beverage sales, as rumours of a take-over bid by PepsiCo subside, reports Chris Mercer.

Rumors of PepsiCo's bid for Danone gain substance

US-based PepsiCo has engaged investment banks Morgan Stanley and UBS to advise on a possible takeover of Danone, the French bottled water, yoghurt and biscuits group, according to a report...

Round Up: Danone, Coke end US bottled water venture

Coca-Cola will gain the right to sell Evian in the US after buying out Danone from their joint venture, while Czech brewer Budejovicky Budvar scores another victory in the Budweiser...

Danone weathers water cooler write down as net profits slide

Danone, the French dairy conglomerate, announced today that net profits had plummeted 62 per cent, following the costly €600 million write down of its water-cooler business last month, Tom Armitage reports.

Danone takes a hit from US water business

Danone's rapid expansion into the home and office delivery (HOD) bottled water market has given it a global market share to match that of rival Nestlé in recent years, but...

Danone pulls out of Serbian soft drink bidding race

French firm Danone has pulled out of the chaotic race to buy Serbian soft drinks firm Knjaz Milos, warning that it is not prepared to commit itself in Serbia until...

Danone hasn't lost its bottle for Italy

Danone, the world's second largest bottled water business, stunned analysts last week by announcing that it will sell its water activities in Italy - Europe's largest bottled water market. Kim...

Danone shows steady growth

French food group Danone has reported steady if unspectacular growth for the third quarter of the year, with poor weather in much of northern Europe impacting sales compared to last...

Danone launches new, magnesium-rich milk drink

French firm Danone, one of the world's top ten food and drink companies, has launched a novel dairy concept on the Belgian market this month.

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